Vision Distribution signed an agreement with 20th Century Fox for the distribution on Home Entertainment and digital channels. The newborn society, created from an agreement between Sky, Cattleya, Wildside, Lucisano Media Group, Palomar and Indiana Production, will enrich the Fox’s roster with a great amount of Italian films.

“Vision’s product” said Nicola Maccanico, CEO (pictured) “can now significantly grow in the Digital and in the Home Entertainment areas”. After Monolith by Ivan Silvestrini and Nove Lune e Mezza (Nine ½ Moons), Vision will soon distribute La Casa di Famiglia by Augusto Fornari, Il Premio by Alessandro Gassmann, Come un Gatto in Tangenziale by Riccardo Milani, Sono Tornato (I Am Back) by Luca Miniero, Sconnessi by Christian Marazziti, Il Tuttofare by Valerio Attanasio, Basta Credere by Alessandro Aronadio and Tonno Spiaggiato by Frank Matano.