Innovation for Creative Industries

The Innovation for Creative Industries program is one of the lenses through which MIA opens an insightful analysis of technological innovation and digitization applied to the audiovisual sector.

NFT and Audiovisual ecosystem

Opportunities and risks on the legal end: the protection of rights and intellectual property

Friday 13 January

from 10am to 1.15pm

Cinema Barberini, Piazza Barberini 24/24 – 00186 Roma

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(This session will be taken only in Italian)

1. Virtual Production Experience – Demo Room

The pandemic has highlighted how technology applied to audiovisuals can contribute both creatively and productively to a global improvement in content production. Shooting with no limitations on creativity and in complete safety has in fact proven to be possible through the use of technology.

MIA offers a unique experience to all accredited participants who will be given the possibility to enter a real Virtual Production set arranged inside Palazzo Barberini.

Thanks to the partnership with OneExtra group, for the duration of the event it will be possible to test a fully functional miniature LED Volume, featuring 1.5 dot pitch microLED panels supplied by Wave&Co — partner company of Onextra and a leader in the sale, design, installation, and repair of LED screens.

The founders of OneExtra are: Hive Division, a hybrid between a feature film production company and a VFX studio, and One O One Games, a leading Unreal Engine developer that boosts over 50 artists and beta testers of all Epic Games technologies.

Onextra’s technicians and representatives will be in Rome from the 12th to the 14th of October in the Virtual Production Demo Room – Room 35 of Palazzo Barberini. For more information and reservations email

2. Keynote Conversation

Thu Oct 13th
11.30am (50’)
Cinema Barberini 6

The Submarine Scheme. How could original IP be created for virtual Worlds?

The giant players of global production use their creative teams to realize original content for virtual worlds. The potential of metaverse will be explored as a space to create content targeting extremely young viewers and as a new form of business and IP exploitation.

Submarine is a production company that develops and produces feature films, series, documentaries, animation and transmedia projects. Submarine is an established and innovative company which has been rallying famed and emerging international directors and creators from Europe and the United States for over two decades with the aim of producing internationally appealing content.

Co-founder of Amsterdam and LA based studio Submarine, two-time Emmy Award winner Femke Wolting (Last Hijack, Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World) has had a banner year so far, after celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary in 2020. The prolific production house has been behind Amazon Prime Video’s break-out animated drama Undone, recently renewed for a second season, and won an Emmy for the critically acclaimed documentary Bellingcat: Truth in a Post-Truth World. Recently announced production projects include Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Adventure for Netflix to be directed by Richard Linklater, starring Jack Black, Zachary Levi, and Glen Powell, and The Kollective, a citizen-journalism series inspired by Bellingcat, with Gomorrah and ZeroZeroZero showrunner Leonardo Fasoli.

Ms. Wolting has produced films, series, and transmedia projects across the globe, from the US and China to Abu Dhabi, Russia, and Mexico. At MIA 2022 he will be the protagonist of a keynote conversation focused on How can Original IP be Created for Virtual Worlds?

*This session is also part of the Drama Division program

3. Hybrid panel
Thu Oct 13th
9.00am (60’)
Cinema Barberini 3

The Ukrainian War entered our lives through news and social media, but there’s still plenty more than meets the eye. The importance and the responsibility of telling stories from Ukraine.
Showcase of strong documentary projects at different stages of development, that demonstrate the use of technologies in documentary production and unconventional authors’ approach: Risen from Ashes (FILM.UA Group), Photographers (Starlight Media) Hardest Hour (1+1 media), Against All Odds (A. Lytvynenko), Divided Ukraine (F. Schiavi)

Alan Badoev, Project: Hardest Hour;
Inna Filippova, Project: Hardest Hour;
Dariusz Jablonski – Vice President, EPC;
Artem Lytvynenko, Project: Against All Odds;
Olena Malkova, Project: Risen From Ashes;
Federico Schiavi, Project: Divided Ukraine. What language do you express love in?;
Dmytro Troitskyi, Project: SLM case Photographers

This session is also part of the Doc Division program

4. Ministry of Economic Development

Tue Oct 11th
12.00pm (60’)
Cinema Barberini 3

Panel: “Development of 5G technology in the production and distribution department for audiovisual content”

As part of an agreement between MIA and the Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) in 2021, and through an experimental technological innovation program of the Directorate General for Electronic Communications, Broadcasting and Postal Services of MiSE, MIA has implemented a program aimed at promoting emerging technology research projects and innovation programs already launched by MiSE in the audiovisual sector. During MIA’s 8th edition days, MiSE presents its strategies related to the audiovisual industry together with the winning pilot projects of MiSE’s 5G Audiovisual Project Call (2022). These innovative winning projects are aimed at exploiting and developing 5G technology in the production and distribution of audiovisual content.

Speakers: Francesco Soro – Direttore Generale per i Servizi di comunicazione Elettronica, di Radiodiffusione e postali, MiSE; Donatella Proto, Dirigente delle Comunicazioni Elettroniche ad Uso Pubblico e Privato, Sicurezza delle Reti e Tutela delle Comunicazioni MiSE – Soggetti aggiudicatari del bando; Ing. Fabio Graglia, RAI WAY; Stefania Ippoliti, Fondazione Sistema Toscana; Massimo Bertolotti, SKY; Riccardo Boccuzzi e Cinzia Campanella, Prodea Group; Manuela Cacciamani e Gennaro Coppola, One More Pictures


Fri Oct 14th
10.30am (60’)
Cinema Barberini 6

Panel: “Media and Minors: safeguarding kids in videogames between e-sports and pro-gamers”

Videogames have always allowed anyone to access a new reality, identical and parallel to the one they live in. However, if in the 80s video game competitions were limited to awarding glory, in 2019, the richest prize pool at stake in the so-called e-Sports amounted to 100 million dollars. Just like traditional sports, e-Sports, also known as e-Games, are increasingly practiced at a “competitive” level. E-stadiums are the virtual space where these live challenges take place, while pro-players are the professional players. However, how are the institutions intervening to protect minors in this field? From 2011 to today, the escalation of this phenomenon has been surprising: more and more young people under the age of 24, alone or in groups, have transformed their video gaming skills into a real profession, becoming pro-players.