Innovation for Creative Industries

MIA aims to offer various and timely dissemination actions to the creative industries sector to promote technological innovation programs and digitization actions and related economic development opportunities for companies in the sector, to enhance the international competitiveness of the sector and create new business opportunities on a global basis, reaching out to more and more operators and partners.

Among the topics to be addressed during MIA dates: Artificial Intelligence; development of ultra-fast mobile networks (5G) and to research on next-generation mobile networks (6G); protection of minors and the relationship between videogames and audiovisuals; Metaverse; digital content creations for augmented and mixed reality; analysis and development of new technological media based on digital technologies; copyright and artificial intelligence for audiovisual content creation, VFX, Virtual Production. 
MIA XR | Tech Pavilion

Inside the amazing venue of Palazzo Barberini, there is more room this year to discover new digital content and experiences, among VFX and Virtual Production demos, XR, Interactive VR experiences, and immersive storytelling.

The new MIA XR – Tech Pavilion will host a daily program of initiatives, showcases, and masterclasses to broaden business horizons for all professionals who need to know more about this new world.

Also attendees will have the opportunity to experience some VR installations, among them:
Introduction to Virtual Production by STS and EDI

They will show how Virtual Production brings, at the speed of light, real and fantastic worlds to a movie stage through the use of LED Walls. You will see how you can accurately control lighting conditions by reproducing a wide range of conditions.

Who is it addressed to? Directors, Directors of Photography, Production Managers, Producers, Post-Producers, and anyone wishing to learn about the potential of this developing technology.

Admission is free with prior reservation. 

To confirm attendance, please send an email to specifying the date you wish to attend.

Gaudì. The Atelier of the Divine 

(VR – France, 2023, 16’, produced by Small Creative, GEDEON Experiences)

1926. Feeling death approaching, a weakened Gaudí invites his new disciples to visit his Atelier, where they will gain a deeper understanding of his work and contribute to bringing his vision to life. Slipping into the costume of a disciple and guided by the voice of Gaudí himself, the user will be immersed in the architect’s extraordinary mind, his revolutionary working method, and his abundant universe. Visitors will understand Gaudi and, eventually, be able to continue his work and pursue his dream of completing the monument to which he dedicated his life: the Sagrada Familia. 

Directors: Stéphane Landowski, Gaël Cabouat

Creative technologist: Jean Dellac

Languages: French, English, Japanese, Korean

Technology: Immersive 6Dof

Number of Users: 2 to 6.

The Powerplant

(VR – France, 2023, 4/7’, produced and created by Jérémy Griffaud)

The Powerplant is a contemplative experience belonging to the science-fiction body of work The Origin of Things. It is a five-minute virtual reality animated film.
It’s a contemplative video that plunges the viewer into a singular island that serves as an energy plant. Power is produced by processing the fruit of transgenic plants, which a huge industrial complex operates. Almost all of the elements present in this universe are watercolors painted on paper, then scanned and computer-animated.

Technology: Immersive / Interactive / 6Dof / 360 

The Garden

(VR – France, 2023, 5/10’, produced and created by Jérémy Griffaud)

The Garden is an installation combining interactive VR and real-time immersive projection. The project is currently in progress and will be finalized for its premiere in April 2024 at the Forum des Images. The project has been funded by French institutions such as Villa Médicis, CNC, New Image Festival and Le Hublot.

Technology: Immersive / Interactive / 6Dof / 360 / Immersive  projection

La Bambola di pezza

(Immersive VR 360 – Italy, 2022, 23’, produced by One More Pictures with Rai Cinema)

Dreaming, writing, telling. Your words become a story, your online diary becomes public. A way to express oneself, a way to find other souls with fears and passions to share. Mia (Mariasole Pollio) is 16 years old and thanks to her diary virtual Tommaso knows (Giancarlo Commare), sensitive, attentive, full of energy: a Prince Charming who seems tailor-made for her. A magical meeting made first of chats then video calls until the fateful moment: I want to meet you live…

Technology: Immersive VR 360

Lockdown 2020 – L’Italia Invisibile

(Immersive VR 360, Italy, 2020, 19’, produced by Gold with Rai Cinema)

Lockdown 2020 is the VR film that shows Italy during the quarantine imposed on us by the new coronavirus health emergency. From March 8 to May 4, 2020, Italy has had to close at home. For the first time, the infinite beauties of our country were not experienced, admired, or visited by anyone. And while the lives of most people were almost crystallized, in a moment of pause full of restlessness, limitations, and new habits to be acquired, the cities breathed. Empty. Lockdown 2020: a VR documentary that is a tour to tell an Italy that no one could see, but that was there, immobile in its majesty. Virtual reality conveys total immersion in images, closeness through that detachment we have experienced. Matilde Gioli and Vinicio Marchioni accompany the spectators participating in this trip. They give voice to the words of Laura Accerboni, who tells through poetry the disorientation that we have all experienced, the distance, the disturbance.

Technology: Immersive VR 360

Vulcano – La vita che dorme

(Immersive VR 360, Italy, 2021, 10’, produced by Gold & Valmyn in collaboration with Rai Cinema)

Vulcano is a VR film that shows the eruption of the volcano on Fagradalsfjall Mountain in Iceland after 800 years of inactivity. A 360º immersive experience, between boundless landscapes and rivers of incandescent lava, which exhibits the volcanic eruption in all its spectacularity. Virtual reality leads the viewer to an unexplored place, up to the foot of the volcano. The images of the volcano, awakened by a long sleep of 8 centuries, dust off the relationship between Humans and the Earth.

Technology: Immersive VR 360