Drama Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum

There are 15 international series projects presented at this year’s MIA | Drama Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum. Producers from Italy, the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Finland, Israel and Ireland will share their projects. The projects were evaluated by an expert panel consisting of Erik Barmack, CEO and Founder of the US company Wild Sheep Content; David Davoli, President International of the US company Anonymous Content; and Robert Franke, Vice President Drama of the German pubcaster ZDF Studios; Emmanuelle Guilbart, CEO of French distributor About Premium Content; Françoise Guyonnet, Executive Managing Director TV Series at StudioCanal; Meghan Lyvers, Director Original Drama at Sky Studios UK; Marc Lorber, Senior Vice President International Coproductions at Lionsgate UK; and Kateryna Vyshnevska, Producer, Head of Development at Ukrainian Film. UA Group.


Selected projects will include: the courtroom drama #IBelieveHer, produced by Pembridge Pictures and created by Mary McGuckian, inspired by the Belfast Rugby Rape Trial, which sheds light on the difficulties imposed by society on rape victims. The sci-fi ADD, produced by Submarine, is about a group of boys forced to escape the high-tech bubble in which they have lived for most of their lives. France’s Alpha, created by Matthieu Bernard & Louis Aubert and produced by Les Films du Cygne, tells of a group of young European activists who, in order to push the top brass of European politics to rectify their environmental impact, take their children hostage. We move to the United Kingdom Carlisle House, the series from British company RubyRock Pitcures conceived by Jessica Norman & Rebecca Based on the novel The Empress of Pleasure, the series chronicles the rise and fall of Teresa Cornelys, founder of Soho’s first nightclub and former lover of Casanova.Crookshank and produced by Zoe Rocha. Another project from the UK is the hilarious The Abbess, produced by Peter Carlton of Warp Films. Inspired by the novel The Abbess of Crewe by Muriel Spark, the series explores the Machiavellian dynamics of an abbey of cloistered nuns vying for convent power. The UK is also involved in the UK/Canada co-production of The Last Wish of Sasha Cade, produced by Dominion of Drama, based on Cheyenne Young’s novel of the same name. After Sasha’s death from cancer, her best friend Rachel begins receiving letters from the deceased, which will lead her to meet a new friend. The Sudden Appearance of Hope, another UK project, is a series produced by Three Tables Productions and created by Veronica Gleeson, which follows the story of Hope, a jewel thief who is able to erase her own memory from the memories of people she meets.


Among the Italian projects, on the other hand, we find Rodeo Drive’s Cosplay Girl, created by Massimo Bacchini, Eleonora Cimpanelli and Giulio Rizzo. The series is based on Valentino Notari’s homonymous novel and tells the story of teenager Alice who finds refuge from her own teenage dramas in cosplay. The second Italian project is Fandango’s Infinite Crime, a series created by Cristiano Barbarossa and Fulvio Benelli and based on the novel of the same name, which tells the true story of a professional soccer player turned ‘ndrangheta ringleader. The third Italian project is the Veneto noir The Ballad of Mila, signed by Minerva Pictures and conceived by Massimo Vavassori: after witnessing her father’s murder, Mila dedicates her life to studying martial arts to execute the perfect revenge. The last Italian project is The Hive by Fabula Pictures, created by Roberto Cinardi and Francesco Calabrese: Ava, a young orphan, is part of a matriarchal sect that possesses a dark hidden side. Also presented will be an Italian-French Co-production (Media Musketeers, ILBE) for Crimson Crown, the first serial project produced by Dario Argento: four now estranged friends come to terms with their dark past. Turning instead to Israel with two projects: Kav Hatefer, by Eran Riklis Productions, follows a Jerusalem detective who is drawn into a complicated relationship with an ultra-Orthodox woman; and Mirit & Gingy, by Nawipro Productions, created by Karen Hochma. After entering into a surrogacy agreement in Georgia, a couple finds themselves having to deal with the surrogate mother’s hostage-taking of their future child. Finally, the Franco/Finnish project Lumia, created by Fire Monkey‘s Anastasia Heinzl and Mikko Pöllä: Lumia, a Parisian teenager, is invited to spend Christmas in her mother’s Finnish village, where anomalous light phenomena occur.




#IBelieveHer– Ireland/Northern Ireland 8×45′
Production Company: Pembridge Pictures


ADD – Netherlands 8×50′
Production Company: Submarine


Alpha – France 7×52′
Production Company: Les Films du Cygne


Carlisle House – UK/Italy 8×60′
Production Company: RubyRock Pictures


Cosplay Girl– Italy 8×30′
Production Company: Rodeo Drive


Infinite Crime – Italy 8×50′
Production Company: Fandango


Crimson Crown – France/Italy 6×52’
Production Company: Media Musketeers Studios ILBE


Kav Hatefer – Israel 6×50′
Production Company: Eran Riklis Productions


The Hive – Italy 6×50’
Production Company: Fabula Pictures


The Ballad of Mila – Italy 6×50′
Production Company: Minerva Pictures


Lumia – France/Finland 6×45′
Production Company: Fire Monkey


Mirit and Gingy – Israel 8×45′
Production Company: Nawipro


The Abbess – UK 6×45′
Production Company: Warp Films


The Last Wish of Sasha Cade – UK/Canada 6×45′
Production Company: Dominion Of Drama


The Sudden Appearance of Hope – UK 8×60′
Production Company: Three Tables Productions


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