Drama Pitching Forum

The Drama Pitching Forum is widely regarded as one of the most interesting and must-attend co-production forums for scripted content in Europe, for the international TV and digital industries.The 2021 edition will be focused on two main categories of scripted projects: the Drama Series and the Mini Series.




Thanks to all producers who decided to apply with their projects to the call for entries of MIA Drama 2021. The feedback in terms of submissions has been overwhelming especially in such a complex and game-changing year for the global industry.
Under the trusted eye of the Selection Committee all projects will be reviewed within the next weeks and the names of the shortlisted ones will be published within the first half of September 2021.
Stay tuned to discover the line up of Drama projects that will be presented in Rome and on MIA Digital next October at the Drama Pitching Forum, don’t miss the chance to get your accreditation to the market!

If you have any queries regarding the Forum and MIA Drama do not hesitate to get in touch: dramacopro@miamarket.it

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