D&I Policy

Diversity and Inclusion

MIA is committed to fully, meaningfully, and without any sort of exclusion, promoting an inclusive representation for the individuals and companies involved.

To MIA, inclusion represents a shared value, in terms of both staff and event participants. MIA is committed to fully and meaningfully listening to the needs, expectations, and interests of stakeholders and participants, without any form of exclusion, promoting an inclusive approach for individuals and companies involved. MIA ensures that everyone feels represented and welcomed, regardless of socioeconomic or cultural status, religious beliefs, geographic origin, ethnicity, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation and gender identity.

MIA is committed to promoting diversity in its activities and throughout the global audiovisual industry. This is in line with the principles of equality and cultural diversity, and with the need to ensure that the industry and the content offered are representative of society. By adopting a corporate policy, MIA safeguards the representation of diverse cultures and genders.

Diversity and inclusion at MIA consists of:

  • equal on-screen and off-screen representation of diversity in society.
  • equal representation of diversity and inclusion in the stories presented among the Co-Production Market and Pitching Forum.
  • equal representation of diversity and inclusion in content showcases.
  • equal representation of diversity and inclusion in panel composition.

MIA aims to promote gender equality by addressing existing biases in the media and the audiovisual world. It strives to encourage and incentivize cultural change through positive and diverse representation of women on screen and behind the camera.

Ethical behavior. MIA strictly prohibits any form of bullying, discrimination, or harassment, whether in person or through physical or electronic communications, within its staff or among market participants. MIA adheres to the Rules and Ethical Behavior in the Audiovisual Field by Women in Film, Television, and Media Italy, which serves as a preventive tool against sexual harassment, acts of intimidation, and any form of discrimination, gender-based violence and body shaming in the workplace or educational settings, safeguarding the personal dignity of workers, employees, and students in the audiovisual industry.

Promote a safe work environment. Establishing clear policies and procedures around bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace is an important first step that MIA introduced in 2021. Promoting psychological safety at work is essential to employee well-being and creating a healthy work environment.

WIFTMI Award for Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum Projects. Renewed for the third year, and organized in collaboration with Women in Film, Television & Media Italy (WIFTMI), MIA hosts the WIFTMI AWARD, which is granted to an Italian projected selected within the Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum of the Animation, Drama, and Film Divisions. The purpose of the award is to create better connections between Italian productions and the international market while promoting gender equality in content. Women in Film, Television & Media Italy provides editorial consultancy to the project with the greatest potential for realization based on criteria related to eliminating gender inequalities, positive representation, equal representation, diversity, and inclusion.