International Factual Forum

The International Factual Forum celebrates and enhances talents and international formats, where some of the best titles produced in the last year will be screened.

It is designed for international producers who own 100% of a format and intend to present it during a public session at MIA, open to other producers, broadcasters, and platforms, for potential acquisition and/or commissioning.

The International Factual Forum enables television or digital content producers to present and promote their ideas for factual formats and programs to potential buyers, executive producers, television networks, streaming platforms, and other key figures in the entertainment industry attending MIA 2023.

International Factual Forum 2023 Official Selection

48H NO LIMITS (Brand-Driven Format) Italy

Creator: Debora Desio, Walter Brumat, Production: A_Lab srl

BEING MAXXI (Brand-Driven Format) Italy

Creator: Chiara Salvo, Production: Scarlett produzioni

CELEBRITY WINES (Factual Entertainment Format) Italy

Creator: Esmeralda Spadea, Giacomo Arrigoni, Production: My Personal Italy


DAKAR SISTAZ (Reality Format) Czech Republic

Creator: Jan Těšitel, Zuzana Kučerová, Production: Frame Films


Creator: Juan San Martín, Production: 601

LITTLE MULA (Factual Entertainment Format) Latvia

Creator: Daina Gāga Ēķe  Production: LLC “Mula”

MY FAITH (Multi-platform Format) Italy, Germany, Singapore

Creator: Panuksmi Hardjowirogo, Davide Tosco, Markus Nikel, Production: MGOfilms, Showlab, Karbe Film

PAIRING – THE PERFECT MATCH (Factual Entertainment Format) Italy

Creator: Vincenzo Lamagna, Production: NaNo Film Production

SURPRISE WEDDING (Brand-Driven Format) Italy

Creator: Luca Rochira, Production: MR Moody

THE LOST GOLD OF THE ALPS (Factual Entertainment Format) Italy

Creator: Gottardo Giatti, Andrea Rizzoli, Production: Formasette

THE QUEER EXPLORER (Factual Entertainment Format) France

Creator: Maxime Donzel, Production: Effervescence Doc