GEDI Visual Award

GEDI Digital assigned the GEDI Visual Award to one of the titles shortlisted in Italians Doc It Better, the MIA Doc & Factual showcase, which over the years has established itself as the leading international showcase for the best Italian documentary products.

The winning project is BROKEN DREAM, a feature doc directed by Jacopo De Bertoldi and produced by NANOF.

Broken Dream tells the painful story of Luca Attanasio – a young Italian ambassador killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2021 – which Gedi news outlets also followed with particular intensity. The documentary shows Attanasio’s more intimate side thanks to the use of private footage and his wife’s precious narration, but also his way of interpreting the role of ambassador, fully immersed in the reality of the countries where he worked in order to understand as much as possible their problems. All this with interviews and field footage: a journalistic approach that we highly appreciated.

This project will be supported in its promotion and distribution activities, with access to a platform of unparalleled visibility thanks to GEDI Group’s media. GEDI Digital will be the film’s media partner and will accompany it throughout its distribution and festival journey.