AnyShow, the prestigious International Animation Showcase, is the new appointment dedicated to the presentation of audiovisual animation projects, for television, digital and cinema distribution.
The Showcase, last year focused only on Italian productions, expands in this edition to the global market, including international productions and co-productions of any genre. Open to projects in an advanced stage of development, production or post-production, or completed but not yet broadcasted, AnyShow represents a unique opportunity and an essential point of reference for animation professional. This industry is undergoing significant transformation on a global level, and characterized by great vitality in terms of proposals and the number of productions. The projects will be presented to an international audience made up of producers, buyers and broadcasters.

The first AnyShow call received great interest and enthusiasm from all operators, both local and international, from numerous countries, including Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Slovak Republic Spain, Swiss, USA.

The selected projects for AnyShow include feature films and series, from abroad and Italian,  with strong international appeal. These projects offers a rich and diversified range of themes and attention to urgent and sensitive issues of the contemporary world: environmental issues, climate emergency, inclusion, scientific dissemination. These themes are approached in an original way and within varied genres, such as adventure, comedy, with stories that explore friendships, personal growth and family ties.

Among the selected titles, Anyshow presents with satisfaction some titles that were involved in previous editions in the MIA Co-Pro Market, which have now reached advanced stages of production or are soon to be released, including the feature film Allah is not Obliged, which deals with the dramatic situation of child soldiers in Africa; and Anselmo Wannabe, a funny children’s series about dreams and wishes for the future. Among TV series, the highly anticipated new project by Keith Chapman, PaddyPaws.

Great attention to themes related to climate change and the relationship with nature in the feature film Black Butterflies and the series for children and teenagers Harrison and Me. History and literature in the exciting feature film dedicated to young people Fiammetta and Boccaccio; and finally scientific dissemination for all ages with the series halfway between animation and live-action Gateway 66. Finally, the long-awaited presentation of the feature film I’m Still Alive, directed by Roberto Saviano, based on his autobiographical graphic novel and that of Savages! the new stop-motion feature film by award-winning director Claude Barras, nominated for an Oscar in 2017.


Allah is not Obliged by Zaven Najjar (France / Luxembourg / Canada / Belgium / Saudi / Arabia / Slovak Republic / USA) Produced by Sébastien Onomo (Special Touch Studio)

Anselmo Wannabe by Massimo Ottoni (Italy /  Portugal) Produced by Federico Turani (Ibrido Studio)

Black Butterflies by David Baut (Spain / Panama) Produced by Edmon Roch (Ikiru Films), David Baute (Tinglado Film), Marc Sabé (Anangu Group), César Augusto Zelada (Tunche Films)

Delù from the Jungle by Davide Tromba (Italy / France) Produced by Valentina Canclini (Animoka Studios)

Fiammetta by Nicola Barile (Italy) Produced by Guido Bozzelli (Digitalcomoedia), Giovanni Calvino (TILE Storytellers)

Gateway 66 by Sergio Manfio (Italy) Produced by Francesco Manfio (Gruppo Alcuni), Luca Scoz (MUSE), Luca Ferrario (Trentino Film Commission), Rai Kids 

Harrison and Me by Jean Duval (France) Produced by Camille Serceau, Juliette Caspar (Superprod)

I’m Still Alive by Roberto Saviano (Italy) Produced by Luciano Stella, Carlo Stella, Maria Carolina Terzi (MAD Entertainment);  Andrea Occhipinti, Mattia Guerra, Stefano Massenzi (Lucky Red), Joseph Roushop (GapBusters), Emilio Shenker (Sipur)

Kino by Ugo Murgia (Italy) Produced by Ugo Murgia (Mupi Studio)

My Brother the Monster by Ernesto Molina, Joe Alanís, Sean P. O’Reilly, Miriam López, Rocío Zaldivar (Mexico / Canada) Produced by Joe Alanís (Gasolina Studios), Sean P. O’Reilly (Arcana Studios)

Our Summer of Freedom by Antoine Colomb (France / Belgium) Produced by Noam Roubah (Darjeeling)

PaddyPaws by Keith Chapman, Emily Chapman (Ireland / Germany / India) Produced by Bruno Zarka (Toonz Media Group)

Savages! by Claude Barras (Switzerland / France / Belgium) Produced by Nicolas Bourlet (Nadasdy Film), Vincent Tavier (Panique! Production), Carole Scotta (Haut et Court)

Will Moogley, Ghost Agency (Italy) by Francesco Catarinolo, produced by Francesco Catarinolo (Studio Pandora), Alfio Bastiancich (Showlab Srl)