Environmental Sustainability & Awareness 

MIA embraces the values of environmental awareness and economic and social sustainability, continuing its crucial journey towards achieving a fully sustainable market event from an environmental, social, and economic standpoint. Through numerous concrete actions and best practices, in collaboration with Trentino Film Commission and Green Film, MIA is a certified ISO20121 sustainable event. MIA’s improvement program is inspired by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and specifically contributes to the implementation of the following sustainability goals:

Environmental Goals:

  • Dematerialization of paper products
  • Preference for zero-mile suppliers
  • Raising awareness on sustainable mobility and guests-related accommodation operations
  • Waste reduction and promotion of waste sorting
  • Use of glass bottles and compostable  tableware

Ethical-Social and Economic Goals:

  • Inclusion and accessibility (see also the Diversity and Inclusion Policy)
  • Donation of food surpluses
  • Valorization of typical local products
  • Communication and sharing of sustainable choices
  • Activation of anti-contagion protocol

Raising Industry Awareness on Sustainability. In the 2022 edition, MIA created new programs and initiatives to spread awareness about industrial production practices in audiovisual works, with a particular focus on reducing environmental impact and accelerating industry education on the topic of zero impact in association with leading green protocols adopted in Europe. In collaboration with its longstanding sustainability partner, Green Film, MIA provides a unique opportunity for selected projects from the Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum (Doc, Drama, and Film) to schedule a meeting with a Green Film expert. Green Film is a certification brand for environmental sustainability granted to audiovisual productions adopting solutions to reduce their environmental impact.

In 2023, MIA, in collaboration with TorinoFilmLab – National Museum of Cinema and Green Film – Trentino Film Commission, will host the Green Film Lab, a workshop open to industry professionals and focused on sustainable practices within the audiovisual production industry, the promotion of green protocols, and on how to obtain a sustainability certification.

Sustainability for the Earth. To strengthen its sustainability initiatives, MIA has allocated 5% of the net revenue from registrations for the 2022 edition to adopt 4 nectariferous forests, totaling 200 trees planted in 2023 and 2024. This initiative is done in collaboration with 3Bee, an Italian sustainability company and agri-tech startup that develops intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health. All of 3Bee’s nectariferous forests are planted in Italy, with an even distribution across regions and selected plant varieties that integrate well with the local environment and climate.

Digital. MIA also utilizes the Cloud Data Center provided by SEE WEB, an Italian Cloud Partner with zero carbon dioxide emissions.