After five successful editions, GREENLit, the glossy event of the Drama Division, traditionally devoted to the most awaited Italian series, expanded and became for the 2023 edition a brand-new exciting opportunity to present the most anticipated Italian and international scripted titles for TV and streaming platforms.

Seven shows have been presented by their Producers, Commissioning Platforms, Broadcasters, and Talents on the main stage of MIA.


GREENLit 2023 Official Selection

Fireworks (Fuochi D’Artificio)

Produced by Fandango e Matrioska, in collaboration with Rai Fiction, for Rai-Radiotelevisione Italiana


The Count of Monte Cristo 

Produced by Palomar in collaboration with DEMD Productions and Rai Fiction, for Rai-Radiotelevisione Italiana and France TV


The Lions of Sicily (I Leoni di Sicilia)

Produced by Compagnia Leone Cinematografica and Lotus Production, a Leone Film Group Company, for Disney +


Miss Fallaci

Produced by Minerva Pictures and Paramount Television International Studios, in association with RedString Pictures, for Paramount +


A Prophet, The series

Produced by CPB Films and Media Musketeers Studios, co-produced by UGC, Orange Studio, Entourage Series and Savon Noir, for OCS / France


The Vanishing Triangle

Produced by Park Films, Paper Plane Productions and 87 Films, for Virgin Ireland e Sundance/AMC


We’re on it, Comrades! (To Se Vysvětlí, Soudruzi!)

Produced by Barletta Productions and Network Movie, for Czech Television e ZDF