B2B Exchange Program

In 2023 MIA is fostering the B2B Exchange scheme, launched in 2022 to support the Ukrainina TV and Film Industry, to nurture the talents and circulation of the audiovisual sector professionals, with the aim to strengthen the capacity of audiovisual professionals coming from emerging markets to adapt to new creative processes and new business models with a view to maximize and fully exploit the opportunities of digital innovation and transformation across the value chain. 

The program is dedicated to producers and will span from acquiring entrepreneurial skills to raising awareness of the market, from digital technologies to data analysis, sustainable business models, internationalization, and how to make the audiovisual industry a greener industry, by increasing knowledge and promoting good practices to application, and to producers who want to explore new territories of language, i.e. moving from live-action into animation or from feature to series. 

Within the MIA program are specific appointments with B2B Exchange tag, aimed exclusively at the participants of this edition, in addition to all the market activities they will be invited to participate in.

The cultural partners of this initiative are: ACE Producers, EWA, CEE Animation, Qumra, Midpoint, while the countries involved for this edition are Serbia, Czech Republic, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Morocco and Ukraine with the following producers and talents:

Alyaa Musa
Gilbert Karam
Jawad Lahlou
Sofia Rozumenko
Hanna Pyrig
Damir Markovina
Iuulia Mamaeva