B2B Exchange Program

A Support Plan For the Ukrainian Audiovisual Industry


This year, for the eighth edition of MIA and to keep a close watch on the international landscape, MIA has built a support program around the Ukrainian media and entertainment industries. Besides intense logistic support to the delegates and companies who aspire to travel to Rome to take part in MIA 2022, a program rich in content, events, and market activities has been planned to position Ukrainian professionals once again at the center of communication with colleagues and peers of the audiovisual industry worldwide.   With an eye on business, a Ukrainian Hub will be set up inside Palazzo Barberini for the entire Market duration. This large space is to be managed directly by a Ukrainian delegation, dedicated to hosting business meetings, encounters with institutional partners, and, more generally, as a work base for all Ukrainian professionals in Rome attending MIA.


Three main events are at the core of this Ukraine-focused program: The Ukrainian Showcase, where some of the most important industrial groups of the country outline the current state of their domestic industry to an international audience through previews of content produced despite the war and an overview of original audiovisuals presently in pre- production.   The second event is a panel entitled Documentary Filmmaking inside the War dedicated to documentaries and factuals, during which Ukrainian and international speakers engage in the storytelling and filmmaking of war footage as it has globally entered homes through television, social media, and cinema. A journey that will convey to the audience what cannot be seen or even imagined behind the production of war content. Between state-of-the-art technology and storytelling, the appointment also represents an interesting insight into the MIA Innovation Program for Creative Industries with the online participation of some of the most prestigious Kyiv producers.


Kyiv Media Week | Rome Chapter represents the final chapter of MIA’s Ukrainian program. In this space, MIA will host a part of KWM, the Ukrainian ten-year audiovisual industry market, which cannot take place in Kyiv due to the current conflict but will turn into a traveling event hosted by several prestigious European market partners, including MIA in Rome. The panel theme will be ‘socially responsible content’ introduced by international spokespersons and representatives of the Ukrainian media industry, among whom Kateryna Vishnevska (Film.UA Group), a producer who stands out for her famed stature. The value, responsibility, and impact that entertainment content has in everyday life and within the political agenda – up to the point of impacting legislation – will hereby be exploited, as well as how European broadcasters can become a platform to give voice to the stories coming from Ukraine, which are at risk of being forgotten.


More details on titles and speakers shall be provided in the MIA 2022 Program. The program is the result of the collaboration between MIA and Media Resources Management   Media Resources Management (MRM, part of FILM.UA Group) is a Kyiv-based media consultancy founded in 2005. The company’s mission is to develop the Ukrainian media industry and build solid bridges between the creative sectors of Ukraine and other countries worldwide. MRM’s profile includes the international forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK and the global format competition SMALL WORLD. BIG IDEAS, a nationwide contest for socially relevant content, PITCH UA, Canada-Ukraine coproduction meetings and conferences #ucancoproduce, a Ukrainian Content Initiative. Global Cooperation.