Toon Boom Award

With 30 years of creativity, Toon Boom Animation is happy to award winners of three categories of animation, tv special, tv series and feature film with an annual licence each for storyboarding – through Storyboard PRO – or animation production – with Harmony Premium.

The largest animation and gaming studios from around the world choose Harmony to produce the highest quality animation, setting the standard for creative storytelling. Our all in one, end to end 2D animation software allows animators to create cut-out and paperless animation in every style.

Used by storytellers, directors, and creatives globally, Storyboard PRO empowers you to get your ideas down, structure the sequence and elaborate the story so it can be shared, pitched and promoted on your terms. This all-in-one storyboard solution combines drawing, scripting, camera controls, animatic creation capabilities and sound. Seamlessly integrating with Harmony, Storyboard Pro is the way to get your content off the ground quickly and easily.

For the visionary perspective and intimate approach, the Harmony Premium annual license for a tv special goes to MOTHERHOOD. The project is a poetic journey into female body and desire which pairs and entrusts its representation to the surreal visual world of the Italian artist Virginia Mori, created by the award-winning director, writer and producer Anca Damian (Aparte Film, Romania/France), co-produced by Emmanuel-Alain Raynal (Miyu Productions, France).

For the appealing graphics, mixed techniques and great characters, the annual Toon Boom Harmony Premium license for a tv series goes to TASTE BUDDIES. In this TV series the food is under the spotlight with the comprehension of flavours and their combination explored with the help of delicacy-characters and music. Created by Finnish director Veronica Lassenius and produced by Pablo Jordi (Pikkukala Barcelona).

For the poetic and delicate look, the annual Toon Boom Storyboard PRO license goes to the stop-motion feature film RO. An intimate feature puppet animation from award-winning director and artist Magdalena Osińska – who most recently directed Lucas Film’s eagerly anticipated second instalment of Star Wars: Visions series. Ro is mainly a Polish and French production by Grzegorz Wacławek (ANIMOON) and Alexandre Charlet (Les Film du Cygne), also co-produced by Finland, UK and Czech Republic.

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