For the first time this year, in collaboration with Women in Film, Television & Media Italia (WIFTMI), MIA is hosting the first edition of the WIFTMI AWARD, which will be awarded to a scripted Italian project officially selected within the Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum of the Animation, Drama and Film divisions.

WIFTMI will provide editorial advice, implemented by WIFTMI member working in the field of development and production of audiovisual products, and will be awarded to the project having the greatest potential to be realized based on criteria related to elimination of gender inequality, positive representation, balanced representation, diversity and inclusion.


The aim of the WIFTMI AWARD is to help create connections between Italian productions and the international market, often more sensitive and advanced regarding to to inclusion issues.
The winning project will be selected by a jury of professionals associated with WIFTMI who work in the development and production of audiovisual products.

Women in Film, Television & Media Italia (WIFTMI) is a nonprofit association founded in the 1970s in the US whose Italian chapter was established in 2018.


WIFTMI’s goal is to promote gender equality and fight gender bias in the audiovisual industry. The Association also aims to encourage a cultural change leading to a more appropriate and positive representation of women in the audiovisual industry contents. WIFTMI hopes that such change will affect everyday behavior through the ability to shape the view of the world audiovisual content can provide.


These goals are complemented by that of creating a network of female professionals fostering dialogue and cultural exchange, also stimulating change in the professional and social positions and roles held by women.