Tuscany Film Studios Awards

For the first time in the 2023 edition, MIA had the honor to present the Tuscany Film Studios Awards, two prizes to support the development of two projects presented as part of the Film co-production Market & Pitching Forum.

A special jury, composed of Nicola Allieta (Tatatu), Céline Dornier (Logical Pictures) and Katie Irwin (WME), assigned the two awards:

The Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum Tuscany Film Studios Award, in-kind prize worth 10,000 euros, awarded to A STORY OF THREE GIRLS, by Nursen Çetin Köreken (Turkey), produced by Ümit Köreken and Nursen Çetin Köreken (Drama Yapım Film Medya).

Sometimes being underestimated is a superpower. This project brings us to the intersection of the fragility of youth and the power of hope.  A fresh take on an oft-explored theme of grit amidst adversity, we truly grasp here that vulnerability and fortitude are not mutually exclusive. The three protagonists are a master class in moxie.  In an exploration of the transformative properties of purpose, these young girls build agency over their future even when the past is bruised by consequences that shouldn’t belong to them. At a time when it’s easy to lose sight of what success means, the realism and approach of this project celebrates how small triumphs can fuel a powerhouse and transform a destiny. 

The Wanna Taste IT? Tuscany Film Studios Award, an in-kind prize worth 5,000 euros, awarded to JAZZ SUITE FOR A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY, by Tommaso Pitta (Italy), produced by Livio Basoli (Dude Originals)

A remarkable project that delves into the intricacies of familial relationships and mental health. It effectively portrays the internal battles of three half-siblings, highlighting their personal struggles and efforts to overcome fears and anxieties. The film stands out for its interesting storytelling, allowing a deep exploration into each character’s vulnerabilities and their journey toward self-discovery. The award recognizes the project’s ability to intertwine real-life struggles with messages of hope, showcasing a unique blend of personal turmoil and resilience, which we hope could make a significant contribution to cinema.

The two winning projects will have the opportunity to choose how to use the in-kind value of the prizes, benefiting from the many state-of-the-art services offered by the Studios.

Tuscany Film Studios is a new center of excellence in the film industry in Italy, a technologically advanced studio located in the wonderful region of Tuscany, a preferred destination for elite International tourism. This independent film production hub, promoted by Andrea Iervolino, will not only host Italy’s largest Virtual Set and the first 360-degree studio for live-action productions but also a luxury cinema and a luxury hotel. Its primary aim is to serve the Italian film industry and attract the best International productions. The entire project will adhere to European taxonomy criteria to ensure that the studio is sustainable and environmentally friendly, respecting the surrounding environment and nature.

Spanning over 20,000 square meters of built space and surrounded by dozens of hectares of forests, olive groves, and vineyards, the studios aim to accommodate both national and international productions, with the goal of attracting top global talents in the entertainment industry, as well as new capital and International investments in Italy, contributing to the growth of the industry in the Country.