Netflix exceeds expectations for the second consecutive quarter, increasing revenues by 15% and operating income by 54%, adding 9.3 million new users, bringing the total number of subscribers to the streaming platform to 720 million in over 190 countries.

“Our two priorities in advertising are expanding the customer base and developing our capabilities for advertisers. And we have made progress on both fronts in the first quarter,” Netflix told shareholders. And further: “No entertainment company has ever programmed on this scale and with this ambition before. To satisfy such a broad audience – continues – we need many fantastic stories that appeal to different tastes, from movies to TV series to games that our subscribers love. In other words, we adopt an audience-centric quality approach.”

Growth, as reported by the company, also results from subscriptions with advertising (at a lower cost) (+65%). In fact, where available, this option has been chosen by 40% of users.

Photo Credits: Pixabay