EDI Visionary Award ‘Alessandro D’Alatri’

EDI VISIONARY AWARD ‘Alessandro D’Alatri’ 2023, named after the director who was among the first to believe in EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani and in the company’s project with great vision, aimed to highlight a project in development of #film or #series, among those submitted to MIA’s Co-Production Market 2023 in the Drama and Film sections, in which potentially the use of visual effects is delineated as a fundamental creative tool of expression and storytelling.

The drama series Costa Armonia and the film Anthology were the winners ex aequo of the 2023 edition.

Costa Armonia produced by NEDA FILM and Warp Films and created by Lefteris Charitos, Peter Carlton, and Amanda Livanou, it’s a project in which new technologies and inherent philosophical questions more than a theme become a real “character.” Finding the form to represent Artificial Intelligence, its benefits and threats, on the screen in an original way seems a challenge for true visionaries. 

The film Anthology to be directed by Nicolas Saada and produced by Laurent Fumeron from The Project, was chosen because it ranges between the dreamlike and the horrific, prospecting as a true anthology of “visions.”

A special mention was also given to Kanun by Ariens Damsi and Giulio Rizzo for their story of fierce conflict between tradition and progress. It would be great to see it produced in Italy with the visual quality it promises and deserves.

The EDI Award offers a contribution in VFX to these two selected from the Drama and Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum. The Award consists of a study on the VFX feasibility of the film and the series’ episodes (VFX Breakdown and VFX Budgeting) EDI will provide its consultancy to identify the best visual and technological solutions in relation to the artistic and economic needs of the projects. Based on the provided quotation, EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani will create VFX with a value of 5,000 Euros + VAT for each project. The producers will be able to collect the Prize upon the film’s green light or, in the case of the series project, upon the commissioner’s activation. The VFX component can be obtained following the delivery of the filmed material.

The jury that awarded the Prize is composed of the MIA selection committee and a committee from EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani, consisting of Carolina and Federica D’Alatri, Francesco Grisi, and Giorgia Priolo, respectively CEO and Head of Production of EDI, and Marina Pierri, EDI’s consultant for Series Development and Artistic Director of FeST.