The Arianna ship, sailed from Genoa with fifteen people on board, disappears into thin air two weeks into its journey. One year later, off the coast of Africa, the relic is discovered with only sever passengers who survived. On the mainland, the families welcome the news with joy, but the return home of the castaways quickly turns into a nightmare: during the year many things have changed and the seven can’t seem to go back to their new lives, while their families, who desperately tried to get past and elaborate their deaths, welcome them back as ghosts given back by the sea. But above all, the seven seem linked by a terrible secret, that poses the question: what really happened on that ship?

Survivors, created by Sofia Bruschetta, Ivano Faschin, Giovanni Galassi and Tommaso Matano, is produced by Marco Poccioni for Rodeo Drive and it’s one of the projects of the MIA|TV Drama Series Pitching Forum. To find out more about this and other projects, click here.