IT: Chapter 2, remained at the top also this weekend, leaving The Lion King behind. Third, comes the new title Tutta un’altra vita. Discover the whole rankings of last weekend of September 12 to 15, 2019.
IT: Chapter 2, on its second week in theaters, has conquered the first position with € 1.477.354 (€ 8.037.318 in total), surpassing The Lion King with € 1.275.086 (€ 35.295.624 in total since it was first screened four weeks ago) that stays in the second place. In the third position comes Tutta un’altra vita, cashing in €532.595 on its debut.
In the fourth position comes the new release Angry Birds 2, which made € 431.618. Falling to fifth place is My brother chases dinosaurs, taking home € 362.995 (€1.264.555 total) after two weeks of its debut, and followed by Martin Eden, with €352.763 (€1.035.503 in two weeks).
On its third week on theaters, Angel Has Fallen finds itself in the seventh place of the rankings with € 266.212 (€ 2.665.522 in total), followed by the new title Late Night that earned € 102.156. Coming ninth is Strange But True, that on its debut has made revenues of € 60.624, while in the last position comes Little White Lies 2 with € 59.169.
Last weekend has seen several new releases in the rankings, among which there is the Italian title Tutta un’altra vita, that nevertheless don’t achieve to overcome great productions like The Lion King or IT: Chapter 2.