The main Italian players belonging to the documentary world are represented in MIA DOC’s Board, which had been curated by Marco Spagnoli.

From RAI Cinema and Rai Com, to Sky ARTE and Effe Tv, from international companies operating in Italy, like Fox Channels, A&E Networks, Viacom to important and valuable independent producers like Anele, EiE and Tangram productions, MIA DOC relies on a very high national professional profile to operate towards making the best decisions in favour of the local industry.
At the same time, big foreign players, from the British BBC to the American company Submarine (distributer of eight Academy Award winning movies), from the Canadian Knowledge Network to the Finnish YLE, provide the Board with an international high quality perspective which favours an internationalisation in terms of the production and sale of Italian documentary products.

MIA DOC 2019 Board Members

David Fabio Bogi, Rai Com
Andrea Bosello, Fox Networks Group Italy
Rudy Buttignol, Knowledge Network Corporation
Josh Braun, Submarine Entertainment
Mandy Chang, BBC Corporation
Riccardo Chiattelli, Effe TV
Simone D’Amelio Bonelli, A+E Networks
Sergio Del Prete, Viacom International Media Networks Italia
Heidi Fleisher, international consultant
Gabriele Genuino, Rai Cinema
Gloria Giorgianni, Anele Produzioni
Carolina Levi, Tangram Film
Erkko Lyytinen, Yle The Finnish Broadcasting Company
Roberto Pisoni, Sky Italia
Davide Valentini, EiE Film