Progetti speciali: Meet the Future

Meet the Future is a booster dedicated to start-ups, innovative companies and new generations of young professionals.

Meet the Future includes the following on-site & online activities:


Innovation for Creative Industries


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This program includes the following events during MIA2021:

Development and integration of 5G cutting-edge technology

Live-content production and streaming in high resolution, and the use of content in augmented and virtual reality.

An informative panel to raise awareness, discuss, analyze and understand the potential of 5G technology, artificial intelligence, and possible applications in the audiovisual world. Introduction:

Representative of the Ministry of Economic Development, Francesco Rutelli (Presidente ANICA), Giancarlo Leone (Presidente APA) 

Speakers: Manuela Cacciamani (Executive Director Direct2Brain), Stefano Ciullo (Director, Public Policy Netflix Italia), Nicola Maccanico (Amministratore Delegato, Cinecittà), Luca Rea (Fondazione Ugo Bordoni, Direttore Ricerche). 

Presentations of cases study by : Tim Vision, Fastweb, Invisible Cities and Google 

Dott. Enrico Bellini, Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager, Google.
Ing. Giovanni Picciano ed Dott. Andrea Molino, Telecom Italia 
Dott. Alessandro Perrino Business Development Manager di Fastweb
Daniele Righi, Business Innovation and Linkem Lab Officer
Giorgio Capaci, Amministratore Delegato di Invisible Cities.


Synergy between Regions and Houses of Technology as an international asset

Closed-door meeting for a summary overview of the potential synergies between regions and innovation with representatives of the regional Film Commissions of Lazio, Basilicata, Tuscany, Apulia, and Piedmont, and the respective Emerging Technology Houses.

The meeting will be attended by:

Cristina Priarone (Direttore Generale Roma Lazio Film Commission)
Stefania Ippoliti (Direttore Toscana Film Commission
Simonetta Dellomonaco (Presidente del Consiglio di Amministrazione Apulia Film Commission)
Roberto Stabile (Presidente Lucana Film Commission)
Paolo Manera (Direttore Torino Piemonte Film Commission)

Per CTEM Matera: Giampiero Pepe (Responsabile Casa delle Tecnologie di Matera); e Dott. Davide Colangelo di Lighthouse; Dr Luca Acito (Studio Antani, Matera); Dr Bruno Fortunato (Applica srl) 
Per CTEM Roma: Cristiano Alviti (Responsabile Casa delle Tecnologie di Roma)
Per CTEM Torino: Marco Pironti (Casa delle Tecnologie di Torino – Assessore all’Innovazione Comune di Torino; Dott.ssa Elena Deambrogio, referente progettuale, Dott. Domenico De Gaetano, direttore del Museo del cinema Per CTEM Prato: Ass. all’innovazione del Comune di Parto, Benedetta Squittieri e Paolo Guarnieri, referente progettuale


Media & Minors: the search for technological solutions to social and cultural problems

 A comparison on the transmission systems of audiovisual and multimedia content on mobiles; communication opportunities for the new generations; the new definition of media in the current digital ecosystem; cybercrime and the protection of minors; legal and moral responsibilities.

A conversation with:

Francesco Soro (Direttore Generale per i Servizi di comunicazione Elettronica, di Radiodiffusione e postali I Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico) Rappresentante della Polizia Postale Luca Milano (Direttore Rai Ragazzi) Giacomo Lev Mennheimer (Institutional Relations, TikTok) Stefano Ciullo (Institutional Relations, Netflix) Sara Giulia Salemi (influencer) Paolo Camilli (influencer)


Meet the Future also hosts the following talks and programs:



MIA New Generation is an initiative entirely dedicated to accessing the market for the new generation of the audiovisual sector. In partnership with the best universities in Italy, MIA New Generation offers a selection of very young professionals, who aspire to pursue a career in the audiovisual sector, the opportunity not only to follow a training and tutoring program created exclusively for them, but also to participate in all the activities of MIA 2021.


Lazio MIA International Showcase

In concert with the Lazio Region, Unioncamere Lazio and Camera di Commercio di Roma, MIA has selected fifteen innovative companies and startups from Lazio operating in the audiovisual field, which present cutting-edge solutions in the field of development, production, post-production, and distribution of audiovisual works, environmental sustainability, copyright, transparency and piracy. The selected companies will have the opportunity to present themselves during the “Lazio MIA International Showcase”


TikTok: the new frontier for Entertainment players

Giuseppe Suma, Head of Entertainment, Media, Gaming, Sport & Telco, Global Business Solutions, TikTok Italia will give an overview of how TikTok is relevant to entertainment players from the point of view of assessments and communication opportunities.


La Realtà Che “Non” Esiste – IV Edizione

The contest “La Realtà Che “Non” Esiste”, conceived by Manuela Cacciamani, is developed by One More Pictures in collaboration with Rai Cinema. Now in its forth edition, the contest gives the opportunity to emerging talents to face a project development with experienced film production companies. The members of the jury will choose the best transmedia and multiplatform concept which is able to promote digital storytelling, virtual reality and the new audovisual frontiers. The contest aims to find a project for a wide target composed by Generation Z, Millennials and parents, and its purpose is to develop a story that talks about social themes related to the Web, the social media and more in general the online and virtual universe.


The Ecological Transition of the Sector, Italy at the Center

The urgency and will of the audiovisual industry to be aligned with the ecological transition underway requires strategy and cohesion

Italy is defining a common approach and building an unprecedented synergy through dialogue and collaboration between institutions, involving both cinema and the sustainability sector, in such a unique way to have become a case of study for other countries in Europe in terms of support for sustainable film production. In this process, institutions play a fundamental role in devising and coordinating policies supporting audiovisual producers.


Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – A Pitching Session

Il Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – National School of Cinema presents a pitching session of the most advanced serial projects created by second and third year students: a variety of proposals ranging from teen to legal drama, from science fiction to social dystopias, from horror to satire, from spy thriller to medieval saga – many original ideas that trace the path of a new season of Italian seriality.


Dalla Parola allo Schermo

An initiative of the Lazio Region with LAZIOcrea created to support screenwriting projects for feature films or television, but also TV series, short films, and stories for the web, as long as the story is set, closely linked, and rooted in the Lazio region.

 Among nearly 1000 projects presented, 55 won awards: 23 for the “Beginners Category” and 32 for the “Authors Category” for a total amount of 275 thousand euros. A selection of authors in the “Debuting Category” and in the “Authors Category”, will have the opportunity to present their projects at MIA to top players of the audiovisual sector in an exclusive pitching session.


Game, Set, Match

A pitching session where seven Italian video game development studios present their most representative products, offering a starting point for multiple collaboration opportunities with filmmakers. The session is provided by MIA in collaboration with Rome Videogame Lab, the Italian festival of applied games, and IIDEA, the trade association of the videogame industry in Italy.



An encounter to compare two universes, cinema and videogames, talking to each other to discover differences and points of contact. Giorgio Catania, IIDEA Developer Relations Manager, will open the conversation by offering the public a general picture of the videogame sector.