The Regione Lazio’s call for proposals for the support of cinematographic and audiovisual works 2021 is now available for consultation.

The call in question is dedicated to all italian, european and international cinematographic and audiovisual works, made in whole or in part on the territory of Lazio, whose shooting started after January 1, 2019 and ended by 31 December 2020. The Regione Lazio has chosen to support Italian and international cinema by allocating an annual fund of 9 million euros; mainly dedicated to individual, family, partnership or joint stock companies that exclusively or prevalently produce cinematographic and/or audiovisual works.

To submit the application and access the grants, you will have to use the specific IT application platform made available by LAZIOCrea S.p.a.
The application must be submitted from the day following the date of publication of the notice (8/06/21) and no later than 12.00 noon on the thirtieth day following that of its publication in the Lazio Region Official Gazette, i.e. 12/07/21.

All this must be done by filling in the forms and annexes present on the same, including the declarations attesting that:

  • possession of the requirements set out in this notice;
  • to have applied the C.C.N.L. for the cinema and audiovisual sector;
  • to have duly paid social security and welfare contributions;
  • to have duly submitted the request to start work to the OO.SS.LL.

For further informations please visit the following link: Regione Lazio Film Commission