TV schedules and on demand platforms change protocol. During the coronavirus emergency they will offer new free contents and change their programmes for the next couple of weeks.

The new admnistrative order applies the restrictions for the red zones to the whole of Italy. A new campaign is becoming more popular, inviting people to stay at home in order to contain the spreading of the virus. With the Italian people at home, the audiovisual sector is finding new ways to support its viewers. Therefore, Tv schedules and on demand platforms offer new free contents for people to watch. From the 9th March 2020, Amazon Prime Video will be free for 30 days for all users in the red zone areas, but with the whole country now being a red zone there is the possibility that the free access will be extended to the whole Italian territory. Raiplay is now also free without subscription, from the 10th March at 10.30 AM. The initiative wants to promote edutainment, a form of educational and cultural entertainment for people of all ages.

Mediaset and Rai had to retain from filming programmes with a live audience in the studio. The only programmes to be broadcasted will be those of journalistic nature or those which fall under the infotainment category, such as Mattino Cinque or Pomeriggio Cinque.

Commercial tv schedules are offering new shows and contents to entertain the entire populaton during this emergency situation. For example, Italia 1 has restructured its whole schedule in order to offer tv programmes suitable for people of all ages. Starting in the early morning with programmes for the youngests, going on in the afternoon with shows dedicated to the teen population, such as The Flash and The Big Bang Theory and finishing with family friendly films. Among the many new free contents viewers will find Beauty and the Beast and Paddington, films that were never broadcasted during day time.