Revenues boom for Netflix Italy: the Italian branch of the streaming giant recorded revenues of €617 million in 2022 compared to €59 million in 2021.

This jump is linked to the birth in 2021 of Netflix services Italy srl, which for the past two years has moved the accounting and collection of subscriptions from the Netherlands to Italy.

Until 2021, in fact, Italian subscriptions were paid to the Dutch company Netflix International BV, resulting in lower revenue figures in the territory. The creation of a local office allowed the company founded by Reed Hastings not only to obtain a concrete revenue figure for 2022, but also to operate with greater transparency from a fiscal point of view.

Netflix Italy was created on the basis of one of the two companies with which the Californian company operated in Italy, Los Gatos Services Italy, acquired in 2019. This transaction is in line with the strategy that Netflix has adopted in the European market and which has led to the opening of local offices in Spain, France and England.

For further information, please refer to the Netflix Italy’s website.

Ph Venti Views on Unsplash