Spider-Man: Far From Home is still in the first place after two weeks of its debut, leaving Serenity on second place in the standings, and The Current War on the third position. Discover the full weekend ranking from July 25-28, 2019.

Leading the rankings after two weeks of its release is Spider-Man: Far From Home, with revenue of €1.485.323 this weekend (and a total of €8.423.323), while the newcomer Serenity is the runner-up with €388.748 and a total of €389.190. The Current War conquered the third place with €384.234 (€385.704 since it was first screened).

On the other hand, Toy Story 4 is placed fourth and after four weeks of its release, remains on the charts with earnings of €258.275 this weekend and €5.114.389 in total. Annabelle 3 is fifth with €231.470 (€3.045.153 since release) followed by the new Cats and Peachtopia that made €86.541 in its first week.

Domino is currently on the seventh place after two weeks on theaters with earnings of €65.754 and a total of €300.161, followed by Aladdin on the eighth position, that made €46.374 this weekend and after nine weeks amassed a total of €15.204.220. The Secret Life of Pets 2 was released seven weeks ago and holds the ninth place, earning €41.309 from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 and €3.498.645 in total. Nureyev- The White Crow, resists on the last position and cashed in €33.441 this weekend and €676.636 since it was first released.

In spite of the new releases of Serenity and The Current War, Spider-Man continues to be the most attractive title for the audiences, showing that the public prefers the new chapter of the saga instead of two original new productions. The case of Aladdin is also remarkable, as it continues to attract viewers after nine weeks in theaters.