Spider-Man: Far From Home continues to lead the ranking. Second and third place for the new entries Serenity and The Current War. Discover the whole ranking of the weekend from July 18th to 21st, 2019.

In its second weekend in Italian theaters, Spider-Man: Far From Home by Jon Watts and with Tom Holland is again on the first step of the podium with € 1,485,131 (€ 8,423,323 since it came out). Serenity, the new thriller by Steven Knight with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, debuts with € 388,7848. Third place for The Current War by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon which earns € 384,234 in its first weekend in theaters.

Toy Story 4 holds fourth place earning € 258,275 and bringing total revenue to € 5,114,389 in four weeks. Fifth place for Annabelle Comes Home which gains € 231,470 (€ 3,045,153 since it came out three weeks ago). Cats and Peachtopia is sixth collecting € 86,541 at its debut.

Seventh place for Domino by Brian De Palma which earns € 65,754 (€ 300,161 since it came out two weeks ago). Aladdin, nine weeks after it came out, is eighth with € 46,374 and € 15,204,220 of total revenue. Ninth place for The Secret Life of Pets 2 which earns € 41,309 seven weeks after its release (€ 3,498,645 in total). The White Crow closes the top ten collecting € 33,441 in its fourth weekend in theaters (€ 676,636 of total revenue).

This weekend sees many new entries in the ranking. However, the newly released films do not overtake Spider-man: Far From Home which continues to lead the top ten.