MIA is proud to present the forty-eight projects – films, TV series, and documentaries – coming from 20 different countries participating in this 2019 edition. With a rich and diverse selection for its fifth season, MIA continues to encourage co-roductions, financing, and promotion of the most interesting content for the upcoming seasons.

This year, the Film Co-Production Market & Pitching Forum presents sixteen projects coming from fourteen countries. Five of which mark the debuts of female directors, which represents 31% of the total amount.

Alba by Sally Potter, United Kingdom, produced by Adventure Pictures
Allah Is Not Obliged by Zaven Najjar, Francie, produced by Special Touch Studios
Athlete by Mustafa Emin Büyükcoşkun and Semih Gülen, Turkey, produced by Vigo Film
The Commander by Edoardo De Angelis, Italy, produced by O’Groove srl
Emergency Exit by Bogdan Muresanu, Romania, produced by Kinotopia
End Of The World Residency by Fernando Fraiha, Brazil, produced by Biônica Filmes
The Great Match by Filip Syczyński, Poland, produced by Match&Spark
Mamacruz by Patricia Ortega, Venezuela, produced by Mandrágora Films
Middle Earth by Alexis Alexiou, Greece, produced by Senorita Films and View Masters Films
Playboy Priest by Arne Toonen, Netherlands, produced by Rinkel Film, Hazazah Pictures, Samsa Film and Cine Cri de Coeur
Prophets by Alessio Cremonini, Italy, produced by Cinemaundici and Lucky Red
Runaway Rebels by Fabrizio Cattani, Italy, produced by Ipotesi Cinema
Talitha Kumi by Hadar Morag, Israel, produced by MoviePlus Productions
The Translator by Daniel Henríquez Rodríguez, Argentina, produced by Remora Films and Capicua Films
Triumph by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov, Bulgaria, produced by Abraxas Film
Vancouver by Vanja d’Alcantara, Belgium, produced by Iota Production

The Drama Series Pitching Forum presents a selection of sixteen international and Italian titles, that covers a vast landscape of highly requested genres by broadcasters and digital platforms; from political thrillers to horror, from teen drama to period, and also crime and black comedy.

Alex in Wonderland, United Kingdom, produced by Psychonaut
Brandenburg, United Kingdom, produced by BlackBox Multimedia and Open Book Productions
Cagliostro, France, produced by Cinétévé
Echoes, Netherlands, produced by 2CFILM
Grudgeville (Le case del malcontento), Italy, produced by Jean Vigo Italia Srl
Her Horror, United Kingdom, produced by RubyRock Pictures and Clipper Media
The Island, Italy/United Kingdom, produced by Blackbox Multimedia
Laurene, France, produced by Les Films du Cygne
The Leap (Le Saut de Tibere), Italy/Germany/Francie, produced by Urania Pictures
Lullaby, Poland/France, produced by Black Sheep Films and Bahama Films
Perception, Australia, produced by Essential Media Group
Radix – Season 1: Otranto, Italy, produced by Cristaldi Pics
Reset (Neustart), Germany/United Kingdom, produced by Clipper Media Capital and handwritten Pictures
The Seer of Berlin, Germany, produced by eitelsonnenschein GmbH
The System (Il sistema), Italy, produced by Colorado Film
TransparenSEA – An adventure series, France, produced by Alauda Films 2 and Makever Madiawan

Lastly, this year’s MIA Doc Pitching Forum selection includes sixteen projects coming from seven different countries, with a strong presence of 100% Italian productions or co-productions.

At the Court of the Aga Khan by Lisa Camillo, Italy, produced by Stefilm
Contractors by Antonio Palumbo, Italy, produced by Dinamo Film Srl
Cine Libre – Cinema and Graphics in the Cuban Revolution by Adolfo Conti ed Elia Romanelli, Italy, produced by DOC ART
Alida by Mimmo Verdesca, Italy, produced by Venice Films
2020: Space by Francesco Cannavà, Italy, produced by Beagle Media of Vincenzo De Marco and C sas
Il Posto by Mattia Colombo and Gianluca Matarrese, Italy, produced by Altara Films
The Secret Diaries of the Pope (The Vatican Secret Archives Of The WWII), Italy, produced by Stand by Me
Escaping History by Vittorio Moroni and Cécile Khindria, Italy/France, produced by Esplorare la Metropoli
Hyper Places – The New Geographies of Globalization by Hendrick Dussolier, France/Italy, produced by Les Films d’Ici
The Foreigner by Matteo Delbo, Italy/Spain, produced by 50N
Into the Bank by Eva Hillström and Oscar Hedin, Sweden, produced by Film and Tell
The Mystery of DB Cooper by John Dower, United Kingdom, produced by Minnow Films
Venezuela: Revolution in the Land of Oil by Laurence Debray, France, produced by Day for Night Productions
Gold Miners by Inka Achté, Finland/Norway, produced by Napafilms srl
The Sound of Camel Bell by Liu Yingzhi, China, produced by Xinjiang camel travel world exploration co. LTD
The Lost Sadhu by Raz Degan, Italy, produced by Ismaele Film (Thalia srl)