Lazio Cine-International, the 5 million euro fund supporting the production of international visual works, has been allocated again.

The intervention aims at achieving two main objectives (reported in full from the Region’s website)

  • To strengthen and improve the competitiveness of film production companies and the related induced activities, also through a more intense collaboration with foreign producers;
  • To give greater international visibility to Lazio’s tourist destinations, in particular to the places of artistic and cultural value that are today more marginal compared to a demand mainly focused on Rome, and thus to strengthen and improve the competitiveness of the tourism sector.

In addition, half of the fund will be reserved for the production of audiovisual works of regional interest.
The recipients are PMIs, independent producers and co-producers. They have to prove that they have adequate administrative, financial and operational capacity to produce the audiovisual work, together with the other qualified Co-producers.

Audiovisual works eligible for funding fall into three categories:
a. Cinematographic works realised in international Co-production
b. Cinematographic works realised in international Co-production regime or Audiovisual works of international production
c. Audiovisual works other than cinematographic works whose Italian nationality is recognised.
For cinematographic works, the minimum duration is 52 minutes, with a total production cost of at least 1,500,000 euros, while for first and second works a minimum of 750,000 euros is required. Finally, for documentaries, the requirement is an expenditure of at least 2,000 euros per minute.

About the selection procedure, the eligible works that are assessed as suitable by the Technical Commission of Evaluation are financed, in the order in which the application is submitted (PEC), until the budget is exhausted and taking into account the reserve for Works of Regional Interest.

For further informations: Lazio Cine-International (2021)