Presented the selection of the content showcase of the MIA “Italians Doc It Better” Unscripted section, with the introduction of the Head of the MIA Unscripted division, Marco Spagnoli.

The italian showcase is now at its third edition and has become a crucial opportunity for italian producers to showcase their completed documentaries that are ready for distribution. The event’s goal is to internationalize Italian documentaries and to provide opportunities for them to be released abroad in theaters, on linear broadcasters or on digital platforms.

Hence, during the event its been presented a line up of documentaries completed in the last year that have not yet been released internationally.

The projects that have been presented are:

  • Seafarers
  • Marta-Murder at the Sapienza Campus
  • The Lavorini Case
  • Alida
  • Marina Cicogna. The Producer
  • Ghosts in Ferrania
  • A breath of life
  • Dear Mama
  • Fly, Luna Rossa!
  • On the Top of the world
  • Paolo Fresu – Music for reading
  • The world is too much for me
  • Clio back home
  • Napoleon- In the name of art
  • Titian. The first art entrepreneur
  • Tutankhamon – the last exhibition
  • Dante confidential