The Friuli Venezia Giulia Audiovisual Fund opened the last annual session to access the resources available. Applications can be submitted from the 19th of September until the 21th of October 2022.

The aim of the Audiovisual Fund is to provide support to independent companies and audiovisual producers for the development of fiction, short films, documentaries and animation, aid to their distribution at regional, national and international level and foster the training of professionals in this field.

As far as the project development is concerned, independent production companies, whether corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships, can apply, provided that they have their registered office in the region. In the case of companies that do not meet this criteria, they are obliged to open a place of business when the application is approved. Eligible costs are those related to the development of a project, such as the acquisition of any location, research activities, including archival research, and the writing of the script. The support cannot exceed 50% of the development budget; the contribution also varies depending on the category of the project for which the contribution is requested. For fictions it will be between €10,000 and €30,000, for short films the range is between €2,000 and €5,000, for documentaries between €2,000 and €20,000 and for animation between €2,000 and €30,000.

Support for the project distribution has the same subjective requirements for companies as support for its development. Drama projects with a minimum duration of 50 minutes, short films with a minimum duration of 4 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes, documentaries with a total duration of 15 minutes and animation projects with a total duration of 10 minutes are eligible for support. For companies with their registered office in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the maximum contribution that can be granted is 130,000 euros, while for companies with only their operational headquarters in the territory it drops to 70,000 euros. For short films, on the other hand, the maximum contribution is € 10,000. Eligible costs are those related to production, post-production and promotional costs.

As regards training, the Fund aims at enhancing the audiovisual sector in Friuli Venezia Giulia, through the training of professional figures and the use of new technologies. The call for tenders for training is addressed to professionals who reside in the territory and enterprises with registered or operational offices in the region. Funding for companies is granted up to a limit of 50% of training costs; this limit rises to 90% for individuals, who are the only ones who can apply for scholarships. In both cases the contribution granted may not exceed 20,000 euros.

Over the years, the Audiovisual Fund has promoted several projects, including Laura Samani’s Piccolo Corpo, which was selected as a likely candidate to represent Italy at the 2023 Oscars.

For further information, please visit the FVG Audiovisual Fund website.

📸 Federico Bottos on Unsplash