The new 2022 edition of “Fare Cinema”, specialization course in film direction, will be held at XNL in Piacenza from the 18th to the 28th of October and directed by Leonardo Di Costanzo.


The course, organized by Fondazione Fare Cinema, presided by Marco Bellocchio and directed by Paola Pedrazzini, is part of the project “Bottega XNL”, created by “XNL Piacenza” Center for contemporary art, cinema, theater and music founded by the Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano, presided by Roberto Reggi.


The latter remarked: «We are honored and delighted that Bottega XNL could move forward on its journey with an author of the likes of Leonardo Di Costanzo, who recently received a David di Donatello for its movie The Inner Cage. (…) Our goal is to offer to young people, even in a field like the Arts, a practical and relevant chance to grow professionally. An author like him who, beyond his artistry, can vaunt a long experience in teaching to young people and, above all, a great humanity will, and we are sure of it, give his students a meaningful experience».


After recalling her recent experience with Fare Teatro, Paola Pedrazzini pointed out how this course developed with Leonardo Di Costanzo «embodies perfectly how the project of Bottega XNL was envisioned, that is as a Renaissance laboratory where students work together with a Master, helping them realize a piece of art. In this matter Di Costanzo with his sensibility will only add value».


Ultimate goal of the course is to create a short movie directed by Leonardo Di Costanzo, the realization to which all the students will be directly involved in, gaining in this way field experience.


Di Costanzo, who was recently in the jury of the 79th edition of Venice Film Festival, was last Film Festival revelation with his movie The Inner Cage, while his debut The Interval took part in the 69th Venice Flm Festival and won many awards, among them the prestigious David di Donatello for Best New Director.
The director said he is «excited to lead a course so much focused on practice, which, in my opinion, in this field, precedes theory».


This is a free course with a limited number of participants. The deadline to participate is the 2 October 2022.
Registration requests must be submitted to, attaching the candidate CV, a short letter of motivation and a video, of a maximum of 5 minutes, containing the candidate previous audiovisual projects.


For more information on how to registrate please refer to the original call which can be found on both and websites.