“The discontinuity allowance for entertainment workers had been requested for years. We would have liked to do more, but getting started is already a positive thing. You have to have a positive spirit, and we are ready to accept any proposal.” Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano returns to talk about the allowance for entertainment workers planned, on a structural and permanent basis, effective January 1, 2024.

The application must be submitted by March 30 of each year. The application referring to the 2023 accrual year for potential beneficiaries of the measure must be submitted no later than next December 15, 2023, under penalty of forfeiture. Up to 4,000 euros of allowance can be claimed.

The application can be submitted to Inps electronically starting Dec. 4, by logging in with SPID/CIE/CNS and selecting “Discontinuity allowance for entertainment workers.” Or, it can be applied for through the multichannel Contact Center service or also through the Institutes of Patronage.

The beneficiaries of the allowance, the requirements as well as the duration, calculation and measure of the benefit are defined by the same Legislative Decree No.175/2023.

PhotoCredits: Caleb Oquendo su pexels.com