Among the measures approved by the Consiglio dei Ministri on August 28, 2023, the legislative decree for the reorganization and revision of shock absorbers and allowances and for the introduction of a discontinuity allowance in favor of workers in the entertainment industry, prepared by the Ministero della Cultura and the Ministero del Lavoro, aims to create new protection tools for discontinuous workers in the entertainment industry.

These are about 21 thousand workers employed in activities directly related to the production and realization of performances: from artists and performers, to operators, technicians and administrative employees of entities and companies working in the film industry. Also included in the measure are workers indirectly connected to production, such as theatrical ushers, wardrobe men, etc.

The measure is financed by the Temporary Economic Support Fund – SET, which has an allocation of 100 million for 2023, 46 million for 2024, 48 million for 2025, and 40 million from 2026.

Undersecretary of State at the Ministero della Cultura Lucia Borgonzoni, stresses the importance of this allowance: “Finally, thanks to the work of the Ministero della Cultura, we can announce a measure that I have always considered fundamental, long awaited by the sector: the introduction of a structural and permanent discontinuity allowance. The right recognition for all those who with talent, creativity and responsibility make Italy great in the world”.

Photo credits: PxHere