The Fondazione Calabria Film Commission has opened the new call for Italian and international audiovisual productions with a budget of five million euros.

The call was presented at the 79th edition of Venice Film Festival.
The aim is to enhance and consolidate the artistic, cultural, historical and landscape heritage of the Calabria Region and to encourage investments as well as the opening of audiovisual productions in the area.

For this purpose the call for proposals will allocate 5 million euros in funding, which will be distributed as follows:

  • Category A: €2 million for films and series, also in animation, with a production cost of no less than €3 million.  In particular, feature films must have a minimum duration of 75 minutes to qualify for funding, while the limit for series is 52 minutes for each individual work.
    For this category of projects, there is also an obligation to invest the granted contribution in the territory;

  • Category B: €2.65 million for films and series, with no additional production requirements and a minimum duration of 75 minutes or 52 minutes depending on whether they are films or series.

  • €200,000 for documentaries;

  • €150,000 for short films.

For Category A projects, the grant awarded will not exceed €500,000, which will drop to €250,000 for Category B films.
For documentaries the funding ceiling is €50,000, while for short films up to €20,000 may be allocated.

Both Italian or international film production companies and cultural associations may apply, but for the latter only the production of documentaries or short films is open

Companies wishing to apply must also prove that they comply with state and regional laws as well as the requirements stated in the call.

For further information, please refer to the public notice on the Calabria Film Commission website.

📸 antonino trimboli on Unsplash