August has begun but the Italian box office podium has not changed much. Thor: Love and Thunder, with a weekly gross of € 657,418, reaches € 9,483,580 and is preparing to break through the ten million ceiling despite censorship in Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and Malasya.


In second and third position we find, in addition to the Marvel film, Top Gun:Maverick, which with its weekly gross of € 193,955 comes to € 11,631,858, and the Baz Luhrman biopic, Elvis, beloved by the rock icon’s family, which this week gets € 152,431, reaching a total of € 2,679,628.


With € 114,937 in fourth position is Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Miyazaki’s masterpiece that, along with last weeks’ titles, continues to impose itself on the Italian summer box office with the poetry of its enchanted landscapes. In fifth place is Jurassic World: Dominion, which earns € 95,483 and takes home a total of € 7,776,407 since its release.


In sixth place The Twin – The Other Face of Evil, which surpasses last week’s gross with € 79,729 and stands at € 156,793. In seventh place Lightyear which continues to fall in the charts and gains € 61,256, settling at € 2,477,745.


In eighth position, with € 48,506, is Shark Bait, a new entry with vintage tones albeit in a teen slasher key. It’s not summer without the killer shark that haunts our sea baths.


In ninth place is the poetic fresco with an old-fashioned flavor: the animated film Moonbound by Ali Samadi Ahadi, which, after being presented at the Giffoni Film Festival, in its second week in theaters, rises one position with its weekly gross of € 40,566 and collects a total of € 82,858.


In tenth and last place we find X – A Sexy Horror Story, which continues its descent and closes the chart with weekly earnings of € 34,140 and € 176,699 total.


(📷 Credits Images: PxHere)