Apulia Film Fund, the Tender designed to support the implementation of audiovisual projects realized partially or entirely on the Apulian territory and, whose management is completely entrusted to Apulia Film Commission in its quality of Intermediate Body from resources of the 3.4 Action of POC Puglia 2014/2020 by the Apulia Region, has currently financed 14 projects.


These projects can include feature films, TV series, documentaries, short movies and animated projects of various nature but, at least for now, of 20 proposals received by the Technical Evaluation Commission only 1 animated feature film, 4 tv series, 4 short movies and 5 documentaries have met the criteria.


The sole animated feature film is Pipo, Pepa & Pop by Massimo Montigiani, produced by Congedo Culturarte Srl.

The selected tv series are the second season of Le indagini di Lolita Lobosco by Luca Miniero, produced by BiBi Film Srl; Il maresciallo Fenoglio by Alessandro Casale, produced by Clemart Srl; Briganti by Nicola Sorcinelli, Antonio Le Fosse and Steve Saint Leger, produced by Los Hermanos Srl and, lastly in this category, Sei Donne by Vincenzo Marra, produced by IBC Movie Srl.

For short movies the titles are Nonna rivoltella by Mario Bucci, produced by Dinamo Film Srl; Animalist by Fabrizio Libero Pastore, produced by Prem1ere Srl; The tomato garden by Leonardo D’Agostino, produced by Palosanto Films Srl and Mare aperto by Paola Verardi, produced by Dinamo Film Srl.

For the last category, documentaries, the projects chosen are Giro di banda by Daniele Cini, produced by Dinamo Film Srl; Pattini e acciaio by Rossella De Venuto, produced by Interlinea Srl; Non mollare! by Emiliano Barbucci, produced by Bo Film Srl; Il sogno e la materia by Sebastiano Rizzo, produced by HGV Italia Srl and L’ulivo e il baobab by Simone Grassi, produced by Draka Production Srl.


The amount allocated to finance these projects by the Apulia Film Fund total to 3 million of euros.


For more information refer to Apulia Film Commission website.