The Italian Audiovisual Producers Association – APA took part in the 77th Venice International Film Festival, with an event to frame changes and solutions for the post-pandemic audiovisual market.

During “New frontiers for film business: what changes after the lockdown? Confronting models and strategies – a dialogue between Europe – USA – China”, speakers from different nationalities took the stage: the event was introduced by Roberto Stabile, Head of International Department of ANICA and ITA Audiovisual Desks Coordinator, and Manlio Di Stefano, Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Italian Government. President Giancarlo Leone and APA General Manager and APA Service President Chiara Sbarigia spoke for APA; for ANICA, besides Stabile, spoke Francesco Rutelli, President of ANICA and Coordinator of the Italy-China Cultural Forum.

There were also many international speakers: among the many, Liu Chun, President of China Film Co-Production Corporation, joined by Joy Roewe, Senior Vice President, West Coast Production, HBO and Marco Chimenz, Co-CEO of Cattleya and Italian delegate for EPC.

Current and urgent topics were discussed: the aim of the event was to discuss the future regulation of the web, which is being discussed by the European organs, through the Digital Service Act; next to this argument, the speakers focused on the situation left by the recent lock-down and the support to businesses by governments.

Reassuring the words of Giancarlo Leone: on one hand, the President of APA emphasized the necessity of MiBACT’s effort to support distribution and television players, and hoped that the Government would recognize the entire revenue from the fee on the bill to RAI; on the other hand, he declared that the MIA, in its double declination on-site and online, is “a fundamental signal of recovery of production activities and their relationship with the international market”.