Film Financing Bundles

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Film Financing for producers comes in dozens of forms and is spread across the entire production cycle of a film. The MIA Scripted Division,  with the aim of supporting film delegates who want to learn more about financing opportunities for content producers, will organize specific one-on-one meetings for film delegates who want to set aside for private meetings focusing on film financing bundles.

You will have the chance to meet key professionals working in the film financing field.
You can book your meetings, expressing a maximum of three preferences, and we will take care of the schedule of these meetings on your end (each meeting will run for a maximum of 30 minutes).

Each request will be reviewed and validated by the tables’ hosts and the MIA Scripted Team. In case of confirmation, we will communicate your schedule (day/time) closer to the event.


Session 1 Tables hosts:

Date: Thursday October 14th
Time: from 3 to 5pm
Location: Palazzo Barberini (Paesaggi Room)


Andrea Scarso, Director of Investments, Ingenious Media

As one of the largest independent investors in the UK’s creative sector, Ingenious Media partners with companies and individuals across all aspects of the media sector to bring great ideas to life. We do this through our unique blend of industry knowledge, access to a diverse range of capital sources and a wide network of global commercial relationships developed over several decades. We have deployed in excess of £9 billion in the sector and have a long and successful track record of collaboration with first class international partners, including Fox Searchlight, 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, Lionsgate, Bleecker Street, Working Title, Film4, Warner Bros., Pathé, AGC Studios, Solstice Studios, BBC, ITV, Endemol and many more.

Carolyn Steinmetz, EVP, Head of Content Finance, STX Entertainment

ErosSTX Global Corporation is an Indian-American multinational media company that acquires, produces, and distributes films, television shows, and digital content. It is a merger of the Indian film and entertainment studio Eros International plc, and the American mini-major film studio STX Entertainment.

Alexandra Hoesdorff, Co-Founder and CEO, Deal Productions 

DEAL PRODUCTIONS is a Luxembourg-based production company engaged in the development, financing, packaging and production of independently produced motion pictures and TV programs in all media worldwide. Our mandate is to deliver high-quality, broadly commercial products, with a feminine touch. Our editorial line is that good scripts make great films, with a profound belief that to collaborate on a project there has to be a real meeting of minds on a human level.

Maxime Cottray, VP Finance and Production, XYZ Films 

XYZ Films is an integrated content company whose mission is to empower visionary storytellers from every corner of the planet. As an independent production company and worldwide sales agency, the company is uniquely suited to identify talented filmmakers and bring their stories to life. 


Session 2 Tables hosts:

Date: Friday October 15th
Time: from 3 to 5pm
Location: Palazzo Barberini (Paesaggi Room)


Natalie Ann Coleman, Investment Director Head Gear

As one of the UK’s most prolific film and media finance companies, Head Gear has supported over 200 projects in the past three years, including notable film titles such as The Forgiven, Ordinary Love, Fisherman’s Friends 1 & 2, Rocks and In Fabric. Head Gear has a truly international footprint, and is active in financing and producing projects in many territories around the world.


Dario Vecchiato, Head of Acquisitions, Gapbusters

Frakas Productions, Tarantula and the Pôle Image de Liège have decided to join forces in January 2017 to create a production company, entitled « GAPBUSTERS » dedicated to the co-production of international big budget films and TV series (between €4M and €30M). GAPBUSTERS can bring the Belgian Tax-shelter to the international co-productions he will be associated with in. Through exclusives partnerships with, among others, the intermediary company, Casa Kafka Pictures (a subsidiary of the Belgian Bank Belfius and of the national broadcaster RTBF)
Filling a gap in the Belgian cinema industry, GAPBUSTERS can act as a real producer, bringing artistic expertise as well as a production and financial one and can apply to all the Belgian sources of income (national, regional subsidies, TV and VOD and SVOD presales…).


Dominique Malet, Managing Director Cofiloisirs

Created in 1973, Cofiloisirs is a specialized lending institution dedicated to the film and TV industry which deals with a loan volume close to 500M€ on this day.Cofiloisirs benefits from the support of its shareholders Neuflize OBC (ABN Amro) and BNP Paribas.Cofiloisirs is a major partner of its French and international clients and provides cashflow financing for their activity (development, pre-production, production, acquisition) via tailor-made loans adjusted to the specific features of each project (feature films – animated or live action – , fiction, TV series, documentaries, cross-media) and each company.Empowered by a strong key position on the French market, Cofiloisirs has broaden out and has been supporting international coproductions throughout Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, United-Kingdom, Ireland, Italy) and the world (United States, Australia, Canada) for more than 20 years.Finally, through its subsidiary Sogesofica, Cofiloisirs carries out the management


You will have the chance to meet these key professionals working in the film financing field, by requesting your meetings. Each request will be reviewed and matched following a thorough selection of professional profiles and according to slots’ availability.

The deadline to request the meetings is Monday, October 4th.

Request your meetings!

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