The Campania Region in agreement with the corresponding Film Commission has started working on Distretto Campano dell’Audiovisivo – Polo del Digitale e dell’Animazione Creativa.

For this project, the former Ciano College, located in Parco San Laise in Bagnoli, a suburban district of Naples, will be adapted. The building has a total area of 10,000 square metres, distributed over more than 100 rooms. These measures will make the district the second largest in Italy, after Cinecittà.

The Campania Region financed the project with 4.2 million euros from the Fund for Development and Cohesion, with which Italian economic cohesion programs and policies are financed.

The Distretto Campano dell’Audiovisivo is designed to attract audiovisual productions, consolidate the Campania Region’s position in the sector, boost business capacity and allow a beneficial effect on the territory, enhance the services offered and the professionalism of the Campania supply chain, and stabilise employment in the entire sector.

To achieve these objectives, specific functions will be assigned to the various floors of the building:

  • First Level basement: restoration and storage laboratory for conservation
  • Second Level: Cineport (Function 1) and Incubator (Function 2), where the laboratories for sets, costumes and casting rooms will be located, as well as the production offices;
  • Third Level: Study and Documentation Centre (Function 3), which will deal with public relations and promote the history of the area;
  • Fourth Level: Digital and Creative Animation Centre (Function 4) and training activities (Function 5), intended to strengthen the animation sector and train competent professional figures.

The project started to take shape in 2019, whe it obtained its first funding. A second one was obtained in 2020, while the tender was held in 2021. Construction started in July 2022 and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023. For further information, please refer to the press release of the Film Commission Regione Campania.

📸 Danilo D’Agostino on Unsplash