Maison des Scénaristes, an association for the promotion of authors in international festivals, has recently created WeFilmGood, an online platform where authors can present their projects online to producers in the form of a video pitch. Co-founder of Maison Sara Gurevick has stated: “the video pitch is our trademark since our foundation in 2012, but it could only be done during international festivals. There are no more boundaries now!”

More than two hundred producers subscribed to WeFilmGood in a month and more than eighty projects are available such as films, TV series, short films and documentaries. If a producer can’t find a convincing pitch, he can send a constructive feedback to the author. The privacy of the latter is protected by the platform.

Prices vary slightly depending on the work and, if producers are interested, they can contact directly the authors. “Co-founder Nicolas Zappi said: “Our idea is to involve both the small production studios and the bigger ones. The dimension doesn’t matter: everyone is looking for quality stories and content”.