The new Warner Bros Discovery Free-to-air-channel Warner TV will be finally available on digital TV channel 37 starting this October the 30.

The channel will offer an incredibly vast film and series catalogue among which, to launch the TV programming, the audience will find Justice League and, on the next day, in occasion of Halloween, the Nightmare horror saga.

On the 24th was held in Milan, precisely at the old Bullona station, the new channel presentation, attended by Massimo Ghedini, GVP Adsales & Sponsorship, Alessandro Araimo, South Europe General Manager, Laura Carafoli, SVP TV Networks & Digital Local Production and Aldo Romersa, Vice President of Programming, with clients, media agencies and the press as guests.

The presentation started with Ghedini’s speech, who emphasized this is “the first Warner TV free-to-air channel on a global level, the first one after the merger between Warner and Discovery” which, he added, “is definite proof of how relevant a country Italy is for the group”.

Then Araimo took the word and focused, first, on the importance of this project, as part of a “very large and resourceful system”.

Right after he remarked the strenght of the Warner Bros brand by saying: “We have the biggest content library in the world and we are also able to provide our content on every platform, both firsthand and through agreements with partners like our friends at Sky. For this reason, we can also give our audience a free-to-air channel with a strong and unique brand.”

Lastly Laura Carafoli and Aldo Romersa went more into details about the channel offering.

Laura Carafoli started first by remembering 2023 will mark Warner Bros 100th anniversary and how this longevity is also fundamental in the channel offering, then continued by adding “Warner TV will try to reach an audience of adults between 25 and 54 years, curious and explorative, but also quite familiar, by both talking directly to the memory of the older generations and tickling the interest of the younger generations”.

Aldo Romersa decided, instead, to show a Warner TV programming basic grid while also mentioning some of the titles that are going to be part of it.

In the morning Warner opted for a series of TV shows that accompanied many generations youth like Eight is Enough or Growing Pains, targeted mainly towards a more mature target.

In the afternoon the offering will be more targeted towards a “younger” audience and then, at dinner time, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will air.

Prime time and late evenings will be devoted to movies, ranging from some Hollywood classics to blockbusters, from multi-awarded movies to arthouse movies and varying, also, a lot in genres.

📸Warner Bros. Discovery