The Veneto Film Commission has earmarked new funds including the Location Scouting Fund, dedicated to audiovisual productions that want to do location scouting in the Region. Here all the details.

For one year, starting in May 2021, a fund worth a total of 60 thousand euros will be available to those who will choose to shoot a film in the Veneto landscapes, managed directly by the Veneto Film Commission, and made available by the Regional Department of Tourism, in agreement with the Department of Culture.

“More and more tourists are choosing to transform their trip into an experience to discover places seen on the big and small screen – said the Regional Councillor for Tourism Federico Caner – the numbers of film tourism, before the pandemic, counted one hundred million people throughout Italy who chose their destination according to this logic. Also this year, in spite of the difficult conditions dictated by the pandemic, our Region has hosted successful fiction and film productions that have made known some important tourist destinations. (…) With this initiative, the Veneto Region launches a further opportunity to encourage all producers who decide to set their productions in Veneto, thus contributing to the restart of both sectors: film production on one side and the tourism sector on the other one”.

Both Italian and foreign companies will have access to the fund of 60,000 euros. They will have the opportunity to submit fiction feature films, serials, documentaries and television programs that will have as their setting the Venetian scenarios. Private individuals cannot participate. The allocation of support and its value will be established by the Veneto Film Commission, once the project has been submitted and following the criteria established by the commission. The support will cover expenses related to transportation, accommodation and location manager in the pre-production phase.

Jacopo Chessa, director of the Film Commission, underlined the great importance of this fund: “The audiovisual production sector has never stopped, revealing itself as a model of adaptability in a pandemic era. Moreover, in the last months the demand of productions looking for locations in Veneto has strongly increased. The location scouting fund is the first “business card” for the region and is a very useful device for companies in the pre-production phase. We are pleased that the Department of Tourism, which financially supports this fund, has seized the strategic importance of this action, in agreement with our Department of Culture”.

A good opportunity, therefore, for companies that want to restart after this hard year. You can find more information on the Veneto Film Commission website.