Tomorrow “Il Paradiso delle Signore” (that reached almost 5.5 million viewers in 2016) and “Grande Fratello Vip” (more than 4.2 million viewers) will usher in the season of mainstream TVs. This concludes the summer season.

There has been a fall in TV usage in summer 2017: the average consumption in July and August was 3 hours and 17 minutes (compared to 3 hours and 21 minutes from last year). By minimising programming, mainstream networks suffer the consequences to a greater extent: the other networks (except for the first 7 channels) reach a 43 share in primetime and a 47 share throughout the day. Compared to a 12.5 share by Canale5, Rai Uno doesn’t drop below 16.5.

During its relaunching period on the small screen, music contributed to increasing the summer TV ratings. Rai Uno broadcasted the most viewed event: “La Notte di Vasco”, in July, with an average of 5.632 million viewers and a 36.1 share. Then, “Wind Summer Festival” (16.1 on Canale5) and “Battiti Live” (5,9 on Italia1).
Moreover, Rai Uno can count on its big database: “Techetechetè”, a standing appointment in July and August, reached peak levels of more than 4 million viewers and a 20 share. The sporting events collected a good audience as well: the Supercoppa Italiana counted 5. 539 viewers in August for the match between Juventus and Lazio with a 33.7 share.