The Mediobanca Studies Area presented the new edition of Focus TV, an analysis of the Italian television market, dedicated to the period 2013-2017, including some updates for 2018.

The figures for the Italian television market are clear, the 5 largest operators control 90% of the sector: Mediaset, Sky Italia, Rai, Discovery Italia and La7, which closed 2017 with an aggregate turnover of €9.4 billion (€1.1 billion generated abroad). Focus TV shows that free-to-air TV, despite a fall of -2.9% compared to 2016, still represents the largest portion of the sector, equal to 54%. In free-to-air TV, Rai (48.4%) dominated, followed by Mediaset (34%), Discovery Italia (4.4%), La7 (2.4%) and Sky Italia (1.7%). Pay TV, on the other hand, stood at €3.4 billion in 2017 (+1.4% on 2016) and was
dominated by Sky Italia (with a 77% share), followed by Mediaset (19.8%).

Considering instead the turnover of Italian television operators in first place we find Mediaset, with €3.6 billion in 2017, despite the decline of 0.8% over 2016. In second place was Sky Italia (€2.8 billion, +2.1%) and in third place Rai (€2.6 billion), down by -6.6%, thanks to the reduction in the fee, followed by Discovery Italia (€244 million, +9.9%) and La7 (€99 million, -3.9%).

Focus TV shows that television remains the means of communication par excellence both for the revenue generated and for the audience reached, as confirmed by the data on average consumption, about 245 minutes per person per day.