Next October a new Italian series will debut on Netflix, Tutto chiede salvezza (Everything Calls for Salvation), a 7-episode title loosely based on the novel of the same name by Daniele Mencarelli, winner of the 2020 Premio Strega Giovani.


The series was presented at the Giffoni Film Festival in the presence of director Francesco Bruni, author and writer Daniele Mencarelli and lead actor Federico Cesari (SKAM Italia).  The series is written by Daniele Mencarelli, Daniela Gambaro, and Francesco Cenni while the production is by Picomedia.


Tutto chiede salvezza deals with sensitive issues such as mental distress, the meaning of “normality,” the power of friendship and the importance of relationships are told through a narrative rich in hope and humor and represent the common thread that runs through the seven episodes. One episode for each day of TSO (Compulsory Health Treatment) to which Daniele, the protagonist, is subjected and thanks to which he will learn, with the help of the “five crazy people with whom he shared the room and this week of his life,” how much acceptance of oneself and others can create bonds and deep relationships, in a true diary of formation and growth.


In addition to Federico Cesari (Daniele), the cast also includes Andrea Pennacchi (Mario), Vincenzo Crea (Gianluca), Lorenzo Renzi (Giorgio), Vincenzo Nemolato (Madonnina), and Alessandro Pacioni (Alessandro), who play Daniele’s roommates in the psychiatric ward. Ricky Memphis (Pino), Bianca Nappi (Rossana) and Flaure BB Kabore (Alessia) play the nurses, while Filippo Nigro (Dr. Mancino) and Raffaella Lebboroni (Dr. Cimaroli) play the clinic doctors. Lorenza Indovina (Anna), Michele La Ginestra (Angelo) and Arianna Mattioli (Antonella) play Daniele’s mother, father and sister. Fotinì Peluso (Nina) plays a classmate she met in high school and meets again in the ward, and Carolina Crescentini (Giorgia), Nina’s mother.


Credits Images: Netflix