Tuscany Film Commission allocated 350.000 euros with a call for proposals open to Italian, European and extra – European production companies and line production companies. The bid is set in the Accordo di Programma Quadro Sensi Contemporanei  – Toscana per il cinema and it has been possible thanks to Fondazione Sistema Toscana.

Fiction feature films with a main theatrical exploitation, fictional tv series and fictions longer than 52 minutes are the projects allowed in the competition and each company can compete with only one project. The maximum amount per company will be 100.000 euros with will cover 50% of the costs, and 150% of the money must be spent in Tuscany. If the film is particularly complex the bid can cover 80% of the costs.

Italian companies must be already registered in Registro delle Imprese from at least 24 months at the date of the notice of the bid and must be the only, or main, producer of the project.

European and extra – European companies must stick to similar guidelines: they must be registered in the equivalent of Registro delle Imprese in their country from at least 24 months at the date of the notice of the bid and be the only or main producer of the project.

The deadline is on the 7th July 2019.

More information are available on Tuscany Film Commission.