The award ceremony for the Nastri d’Argento Documentari 2024 took place on Monday, February 26, at the Barberini cinema in Rome among prominent faces of Italian cinema and many important awards. Muro, a debut feature by Kasia Smutiniak and Io, noi e Gaber by Riccardo Milani won the Nastri d’Argento Documentari 2024 award assigned by Italian Cinema Journalists, respectively in the category ‘Cinema del Reale’ and in the section dedicated to ‘Cinema Spettacolo, Cultura.

The Documentary Ribbon of the Year was awarded to director Mario Martone for Laggiù qualcuno mi ama, dedicated to Massimo Troisi, and Un ritratto in movimento. A Tribute to Mimmo Jodice.

The award for Best Docufilm went to Enigma Rol by Anselma Dell’Olio and the Silver Ribbon to writer and screenwriter Edith Bruck, for Edith, a moving autobiographical account of the Shoah, from an idea by Giovanna Boursier, directed by Michele Mally.

And that’s not all: special prizes for Roma, santa e dannata by Roberto D’Agostino, Marco Giusti and Daniele Ciprì and to Silvio Soldini and Cristiana Mainardi’s film Un altro domani.

Photo Credits: Pixabay