Published the new report of the European Audiovisual Observatory, “Top players in the European audiovisual industry – ownership and concentration – 2021 Edition”.

The report seeks to picture the structure of the audiovisual industry in Europe and its top audiovisual players by indicating the concentration, status and origin of ownership in terms of revenues, pay TV subscriptions, SVOD subscriptions, number of on-demand services, TV audience, number of TV drama titles produced providing a cross-sectional picture of the European market.

As indicated by the report, audiovisual service revenues of the top 100 European audiovisual companies (+7.7% compared to 2016 at the end of 2020) increased slightly more than average inflation and the overall market. The growth, recorded thanks to the private sector, (+12% over the same period) is mainly due to pure SVOD players (Netflix, Amazon and DAZN). In contrast, revenues from companies that rely on advertising have been affected more severely, recording a 3% decline over the five-year period (down to 31% in 2020).

Despite not being comparable to the U.S. market, Europe has a stable concentration rate. The top 20 players account for about 70% of the revenue in the surveyed ranking.

For more information and to consult the full report please visit:  European Audiovisual Observatory.