Few people know it, but Netflix, as early as November 2021, has integrated a service for gamers into its platform subscription. With a growing catalog of about eighty video game titles, Netflix Games, as it is called, allows people to download games and use them on mobile devices, to reach the most profitable sector of the video game industry: young ‘mobile-first’ gamers. Thus, you can download games to mobile devices-Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches-using your Netflix account and profile, except the “Child” profile.

For the red giant, the attempt to build a streaming game service, a market this one worth more than $100 billion that would expose it to other, much more structured competitors, is not its first goal.

Netflix, like any streamer, which adopts a business model based on the number of accesses, needs to keep an eye on the “churn rate,” the cancellation of subscription. Certainly Netflix Games can positively affect this figure. Video games, even the cheapest ones, allow users to interact with the IP , even beyond the duration of a show or movie. In addition, many of the games available on the platform are based on content produced by Netflix, allowing fans to entertain themselves while waiting for the new season of their favorite series to come out.

PhotoCredits: PxHere