The POR FESR Lazio Cine-International 2020 call for proposals to support the production of international audiovisual works is launched. The budget is €5 million, half (€2.5 million) is reserved for audiovisual works of regional interest.

POR FESR Lazio Cine-International 2020 aims to strengthen and improve the competitiveness of film production companies and give greater visibility to Lazio’s tourist destinations. In order to participate in the call, SMEs and Independent Co-producers or Independent Producers must operate mainly in the sector of “Activities of film production, video and television programs”.

The call supports the realization of international Audiovisual Works, meaning by these:

  • Cinematographic Works Realized in International Co-production;
  • Cinematographic Works Produced as International Co-production or Audiovisual Works of International Production;
  • Audiovisual works other than Cinematographic works that are recognized as Italian one.

Applications to participate in POR FESR Lazio Cine-International 2020 can only be submitted by filling in the appropriate form on the GeCoWEB platform and uploading the required documentation to the system. The file generated by the GeCoWEB system must be sent to the address, from 12 noon on January 15, 2020 until 18:00 on February 13, 2020.

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