Castings for Nanni Moretti’s new project are open in Rome. The film will be based on the novel by Israeli author Eshkol Nevo ‘Three Stories’.

There is still a lot of mystery around the new film by the famous Roman director, but what is certain is that it will mark a revolutionary moment in his professional life. For the first time in his career, in fact, Nanni Moretti will shoot a film, ‘Three Stories’, inspired by a non-original subject. The story is taken from the homonymous novel by Israeli author Eshkol Nevo, written in 2015 and released in Italy in 2017.

Therefore, the Roman director, fascinated by the plot, has chosen to experiment with the film adaptation of Nevo’s pages and to relocate the story from Tel Aviv to Rome. The plot of the novel unfolds on the three floors of a building in the Israeli city, where the three main families live. The distinctive feature of the story is Freud’s psychology; the three families described by Nevo reflect the three different Freudian instances of the personality of ‘Id, Ego and Superego’.

A novel in which introspective characters are the protagonists and where psychology and sentimentalisms merge into an overwhelming plot. These are elements that have obviously fascinated Nanni Moretti and that the public has often found in his works, as in one of his greatest successes, ‘Bianca’, in 1984.

While waiting to know how the director will narrate Nevo’s story on the big screen, the casting for the actors has begun. At the Sacher Cinema in Rome on 13 and 27 October 2018 there will be a selection of girls aged 5 to 13 and 16 to 18.