The participation of the Lazio Region at the third edition of MIA, as President Zingaretti  has highlighted during the press conference on 10 July, confirms the commitment to support the audio-visual companies.

Number one in Italy and three in Europe (behind Berlin and ahead of Paris Île-de-France) as regards the support for the sector, The Lazio Region has allocated 22 million Euros to revive this industry, which is one of the main vocations of the territory and the Country.

Special attention has long been given to International co-productions, so much so that, during the first quarter 2017, ISTAT has seen an increase of 43% in the export of this sector compared with the previous year.

The result is the product of a policy designed to combine the cultural dimension of the audio-visual sector with the industrial one, by connecting creativity to production especially with a view to internationalization.

In this respect, the next tranche of the “Lazio Cinema International” notice (the second tranche is available until 31 July) will be presented during the third edition of MIA, with the aim of promoting those projects that enhance the territory of Lazio and involving the entire audio-visual sector, from technical industries to post-production.